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Find Out What Dental Veneers is All About

Laughing and smiling is something you should do all the time. Smiling is good for your health, and says a lot about your personality! If you feel uncomfortable smiling or you are smiling with your lips closed, may be is high time you look into it.

Are you ready to transform your smile?

Find out what dental veneers are all about

Laughing and smiling is something you should do all the time. Smiling is good for your health, and says a lot about your personality! If you feel uncomfortable smiling or you are smiling with your lips closed, may be is high time you look into it. There is a great option to restore your beautiful smile that doesn’t involve dental surgery.

What are dental veneers? These are custom made porcelain, composite resin or ceramic ‘faces’ that are attached to the teeth to restore shape, size or color. In other words, these are custom designed shells for covering teeth surfaces in case of any teeth imperfections. Veneers are used to cover fractured (chipped or cracked), crooked or discolored teeth as well as change the shape or alignment of teeth.

Primarily veneers are made from porcelain, but they can also be made from composite resin. Composite resin veneers are used to fix minor issues like cracked or chipped teeth. While most tooth restoration methods requires reshaping or drilling of the affected teeth, composite requires a small part of the enamel removed or no removal. Composite resin is a quick, but effective treatment that is usually fixed on the tooth outer surface. The dentist will have to mold it into the desirable shape. It might take just one visit to get a composite resin veneers treatment. However, it requires high level of expertise and technical skills to apply and mold into a perfect shape.

Porcelain veneers are custom made pieces of porcelain used to restore teeth appearance, and strengthening enamel. Porcelain are usually designed for people with discolored teeth, crooked teeth or damaged teeth. Visiting your dentist for consultation is the first thing you need to do to determine whether porcelain veneers are perfect dental treatment for me. You may have heard porcelain veneers are the best treatment to restore your smile, but keep in mind teeth are different, thus the need for consultation. The good thing about porcelain veneers is that they will restore your natural look, and is quite difficult to differentiate them from natural tooth. Porcelain veneers can resists stains from cigarette smoke, coffee, and tea.


Why do you need veneers treatment?

If you are unhappy with your dental appearance or smile becuase your teeth are maybe crowded, short, or heavily discolored, then you might be in the process of finding a cosmetic dentistry that will work for you. Several treatment options, like dental veneers can restore your teeth appearance. How can you tell you need veneers treatment?

There are various reasons why you may need dental veneers; to start with, if you are unhappy with your smile because of your stained or crooked teeth, you should call your cosmetic dentist and the first treatment he might recommend is dental veneers. Other reasons you may need veneers are to cover fractured teeth (cracked, chipped or broken), to cover extremely stained teeth, to fix a gap between teeth, to fix worn down teeth, to align misalign teeth, and others.


Who is more susceptible to needing dental veneers?

Discolored teeth, crooked teeth and misaligned teeth can be a hindrance to smiling. And there are several ways to restore your smile, veneers being one of them. However, you should know that the treatment is irreversible. Thus, is important to get all the necessary information before deciding the treatment is perfect for you.

There people who are more susceptible to needing dental veneers. For instance, if you have minor fractures veneers might work for you, but in case the fractures are complex you may need other treatment like dental fillings and crowns. The same applies on crooked teeth, the veneers can only treat teeth that are not serious crooked, but in case of serious misalignment and irregularities, treatments like braces or Invisalign will help.

How do you treat a patient using dental veneers?

Unlike composite resin veneers, porcelain takes longer to make and fix. The affected teeth are prepared by removing part of the enamel, and the dentist will make impression of the teeth and sent it to the lab for the veneers to be designed. It might takes several days for the porcelain designs to be ready and the patient will have to book a return appointment. Nevertheless, the porcelain dental veneers are resilient and very strong once fixed on the teeth. In addition, they look natural and aren’t discolored very easily.

On the other hand, composite resin takes less time to mold. In fact, they can be made and fixed on the crooked or damaged teeth during the first visit. There are several benefits of composite resin; they require the removal of a small part of the teeth enamel and are less expensive. The veneers treatment procedures;

  • Consultation

The first step to any dental treatment is consultation. The dentist will have to examine your dental issue and determine whether veneers are the right treatment for you. The dentist will have to look into any outstanding dental problems and ensure there are no cases of gum disease or active inflammation.

  • Trimming the tooth

The next step will be trimming the teeth. Porcelain teeth may require the dentist to remove a large part of the teeth, while with composite resin will require the dentist to trim a small part or no trimming. Once the trimming is done the dentist will take impression in case of porcelain veneers. But with composite resin the dentist will just have to fix the composite on the teeth and mold it to a desirable shape and size.

  • Placing the Veneers

In few days, the porcelain veneers will be ready to be fixed.

What are the symptoms of someone who needs dental veneers?

Have you thought of maybe doing a conservative dental treatment to improve your smile? Being unhappy with your smile or wanting a quick fix is one of the symptoms of someone who needs dental veneers. Others include;

  • Teeth discolored by overuse of fluoride and medications or after resin fillings and root canals treatment.
  • Worn out teeth
  • Fractured teeth (cracked or chipped)
  • Crooked teeth (irregular, uneven, or misaligned)
  • Teeth gaps
Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell
19:53 20 Jun 18
Excellent service. Great first impression! Best cleaning I've had in several years, my mouth feels amazing. They even took the time to show me how to brush more effectively. My teeth are back to being pearly white. They were very knowledgeable in regards to my insurance and I've had no issues. The service there is impeccable!
Nonna Beetge
Nonna Beetge
14:21 24 Apr 18
The staff is wonderful, very friendly and informative. I love how they not only take X-rays, but also photos of all your teeth and put them on the big screen. They spent as much time as I needed to go over each area and explain specifics of each tooth. I definitely have a greater understanding of what is going on in there and what I need to do. I also love their space, it has a calming vibe with all kinds of artwork on display. You almost feel like you’re not at the dentist! Thank you all so much, I look forward to seeing you all again! (Said no one to their dentist 😉 )
Allie Hackett
Allie Hackett
18:47 19 Jun 18
I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, however this was the BEST dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and I got everything I needed done in one visit! They provided super helpful insight about what was going on with my teeth and took care of everything I needed quickly. I will absolutely be returning! 🙂
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
14:17 10 May 18
Beautiful location and office. Very friendly and welcoming staff! I had a great time conversing with them about movies and music. Dr. Nguyen and his staff were very knowledgeable and stressed the importance of making sure the patient knew what their game plan was. The office is very high tech as well so it was super cool to know that I was getting the latest tech being use on me.
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea
17:15 20 May 18
Love the location, the dentist AND the staff. Everyone there is awesome. It's rare that I leave a dentist office feeling just as good as when I arrive. I was sad I didn't get to see Snickers, but all in all I had a great experience my first time here. Glad to finally have a new "home" dentist since moving to Texas.
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