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Emergency Swollen Gums – How to Prevent Them

Having swollen gums can be painful and can make talking and eating difficult. As well as the swelling appears, gums may also be very red and on occasions bleed. If this just lasts for a day, it may not be too bad. But, if it lasts longer and you have them for a few days, it is time to consider it an emergency and find an emergency dental office close to where you live. All good dental places will realize what a problem this can be and will ensure you get the next available appointment.


There are several causes of swollen gums and it may be difficult to find out what caused yours. It could be:

  • General gum disease – Left over food can lead to inflammation. Proper cleaning should prevent this and stop you losing teeth.
  • Abscess – If cavities are not repaired, they can become infected. I would find a good dentist near me and ask them to remove the infection and continue to improve my teeth through root canal treatment.
  • Poor diet – If there is not enough fruit and vegetables in the diet, then gums can swell. There will not be enough folic acid or vitamin C to keep them healthy.
  • Pregnant – Plaque can build up quickly, and if this is not noticed, then your gums could become swollen. It is the hormonal changes that causes this, but if you visit the dentist often enough, this can be avoided. The changes that occur throughout puberty as well as the menopause can also lead to swellings.
  • Smoking and drinking – The immune system can be severely damaged through tobacco and alcohol. Their use can also deter the body from healing quickly, meaning that there can be infection formed. Even if you find a cheap dentist, there will be a cost to reducing the pain from your pleasures.
  • Oral thrush or herpes can cause your gums to swell, as can mouth ulcers. While the ulcers may not sound so bad, they can cause damage. So they should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed.

Cures and preventions

  • Good and regular cleaning will stop the problem. Gingivitis will not form and therefore there will not be any swelling.
  • Flossing will remove any bits of food that do get left behind. You should however remember to be careful as you do this. If you are too vigorous you could cause as much damage as if you don’t floss at all.
  • Saltwater rinses will ease the pain. The gums will be sore, but as you see you can do a lot to negate that.
  • Eat a health diet, as oral health can be dependant upon the right nutrients. Malnutrition will play havoc with the condition of the gums.
  • Never miss a dentist appointment. If something happens that you do have to cancel, rebook right away.

It is important to know what level the swollen gums have reached. As they are the location of all the blood vessels and this is how nutrients are passed around the mouth. If the gums become damaged, then that damage can move around. Painless dentistry should be enough to get your gums back to what they once were.

Your gums

If you don’t know what your gums are supposed to look like, then how will you know if there is something wrong with them? If you know this, then you can be on a continual look-out for issues and be ready to deal with them as soon as they arise.

When they are healthy, they will a lovely light pink color and will be smooth. They will fit perfectly along the gum lines. There should be a small piece that peeps out between the teeth. This is known as the papilla. If they do not bleed when you either brush or floss them, then you can be sure that there is nothing wrong. When they are also pain free, then you should be fine. This however does not mean that you should avoid the dentist. They will be the experts when it comes to picking up warning signs, and will know what dental works need to be done. The problems start when the gums change color and become much darker, sometimes reaching purple or blue. The papilla can disappear altogether and even if that does not happen, it can become black – this should be a real warning sign. Brushing and flossing will result in there being blood loss and the pain will arrive at any time – night or day.

Preventing swollen gums

Wherever I am I always like to know where there are emergency dental services near me, in case I develop swollen gums. While you will know that it is good hygiene in general that will help, there are some more specific practices that will prevent you from requiring dental services.

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. If you drink and smoke, it will help if you can fit extra ones in, after the tobacco has been used. A good diet has already been mentioned, and if this appears to be difficult, then supplements can be added. Drinking water is vital, and this will help remove bits of food that has been stubbornly hiding away from the toothbrush. It will also work against bacteria that are resting there.

It may be hard to believe, but stress and a lack of sleep, can affect the bodies ability to deal effectively with bacteria. The immune system is compromised, and the Academy of General Dentistry believes that this is enough to lead to swollen gums.

Even the temperature of food can lead to trauma. If coffee of something such as a slice of pizza is too hot, it can burn the mouth and leave you with an emergency swollen gum. Painless dental works should be enough to sort out the problem for you, and when you are registered with an American dental company, you should be able to take advantage of painless dentistry.

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