Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process and Aftercare Tips

Houston dentists tackle dental emergencies and normal problems every single day. Seek help, therefore, if you have a serious toothache, swollen gums or another symptom associated with cavities. Dentists only extract teeth that are so damaged that they cannot be saved. So if you have an aching tooth that has a hole in the middle … Continued

Dentist 77027 | A Complete Guide to Root Canal Procedure

URBN Dental utilizes the latest cutting edge Wave One technology to allow for quick and pain free Root Canals!Most dentists believe that a root canal procedure is safe and vital. At URBN Dental we use the highest end technology to make your Root Canal appointment pain free and quick!  We utilize WaveOne Root Canal Technology … Continued

Dentist in Houston | Get Enlightened about Emergency Tooth Extractions

If you have a dental issue and you don’t have dental insurance, that’s an emergency situation. What you should know is that there are emergency tooth extraction dentists who can help you even if you lack insurance. Their emergency dental services are affordable, convenient and effective. Before you type emergency tooth extraction near me on … Continued