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Dental Implants Surgery – Discussing What It is All About

If you have had a recent tooth extraction surgery, your gap can be filled with a root and a tooth. The best one is called a dental implant. An implant is more permanent that a denture or crown. It can restore your smile, give you a new tooth to use when chewing and blend well with your existing teeth. If you locate the best Houston dentist, getting your implant done will be a successful exercise. As well, implants are a great way to decelerate bone loss in terms of width and depth. The ADA (American Dental Association) has already approved dental implants as the best way to replace a missing tooth. Whether lost due to excessive cavities or trauma, implant surgery is the ultimate solution

When to pick implants

Do you hide your smile a lot due to missing teeth?  Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable dentures? It could also be possible that you wear partial dentures and you dislike them. Furthermore, you could be having many gaps and you want to get 32 teeth once again. The best solution is dental implants. Just pick a reliable uptown smile dental clinic and have implants put in place. Some people decide to replace a number of teeth while others decide to replace just one in their upper or lower jaw.

A single tooth implant surgery

You can opt for a single tooth implant surgery when you want to replace the roots of a missing tooth. A single tooth implant is a separate unit that treats only the affected socket. Choose it if you:

  • Need a lovelier smile
  • Your voice has changed due to gaps
  • You cannot chew properly
  • The tooth next to the missing tooth is starting to shift
  • Your surrounding teeth are starting to loosen due to bone loss
  • Your face is sagging, making you look several years older than your actual age.

Placement of implants

Although it’s called implants surgery, the procedure can end within a day. However, if there many teeth that need to be treated and there are some complications, the procedure can take many months to end. There are three processes that your uptown dental dentist will discuss with you:

  • Placement – Besides explaining the whole process, your dentist will examine the area where an implant should be drilled into the jawbone. After the actual placement, you will receive pain tablets to ease your discomfort.
  • Healing – Feel free to ask this: is dental implant surgery painful? Your doctor will give you just the right answer. Otherwise, the healing process is quite easier than you might think. As the jawbone grows around it and holds it in place, the implant is strong enough to function like a normal tooth.
  • Replacement tooth - After the implant gets held up in place by your jawbone, your doctor will schedule your final therapy where you will get a permanent or a temporary replacement tooth. After having a single tooth implant, you should get your prosthesis/replacement tooth customized for you. It will be attached to your implant post to complete your smile.

What if your implant fails?

It is imperative to know what to do when your dental implant fail. More often than not, you will need to go back to your houston texas dental clinic to have your implant examined. If you follow your after surgery healing tips, though, the odds of your implant failing are slim.

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