Best Invisalign Dentist | Invisalign Treatment for Misaligned and Crooked Teeth

Do you have misaligned teeth or crooked teeth? Would you like to enhance their appearance by straightening them? The right way to do this is to wear braces. By this we don’t mean that you have to straighten and reposition your teeth via metal braces.  Now you can do this with invisalign aligners. These are clear brace-like dental appliances that are made of a safe, BPA-free plastic material. The appliance is invisible and it is worn over your teeth.

Each time it’s worn, the aligner moves your teeth according to your orthodontist’s expectations. The repositioning and straightening process is gradual, of course, but it bears fruits in the end.  Clear aligners must be worn for twenty to twenty-two hours every day until full restoration is attained. The only time you should remove these appliances is when you are eating and cleaning your mouth.

Who is a great candidate for invisalign aligners?

According to dentists, anyone who has cosmetic flaws like crooked or misaligned teeth can seek this treatment. Each patient’s treatment procedure is different, however, and it entails the patient’s alignment goals, their level of commitment and the current status of their oral health. Generally speaking, people who can easily get qualified for this assignment are those with less complicated teeth misalignment problems.

How are invisalign aligners made?

These are tailor-made dental devices designed with the 3D, computer Imaging technology to ensure a proper fit for each mouth. Invisalign is the brand for the dental treatment procedure itself. The treatment uses a sequence of customized, plastic trays that are effective in teeth re-positioning.

While clear aligners fix simpler cases of teeth misalignments, it can also be applied in some complex cases. This decision is best made by your orthodontist. These appliances are removable when you want to brush and floss or chew food. They are easy to keep clean and wear all day without being discovered. Your uptown dentist will determine the sequence of teeth movements you need to attain with the clean aligners. Each aligner provided to you will make a small adjustment to a tooth position. Before you get the series of clear plastic aligners, your orthodontist will have devised how each will move a tooth to the intended position.

What are the advantages of choosing clear aligners?

  • Painless - Compared to the traditional braces with sharp brackets and wires, clear aligners don’t prick your gums and don’t hurt.
  • Easy to track results - If you wear invisalign today, it will be easy to track results in each stage of treatment. That’s because the aligner trays are swapped every two weeks until the entire treatment session ends.
  • Insurance coverage – Unlike some dental procedures that are deemed cosmetic, teeth alignment with invisible braces is covered by most insurers. So you can afford to seek help if you have a suitable insurance cover.
  • Undetectable – These types of dental devices are invisible, meaning they are not easily seen by other people. You can straighten and reposition your teeth without being noted by anybody.
  • You can treat simple and complex cases – If your teeth are so bent or misaligned, don’t fret. Your orthodontist might still fix your problems with these appliances.
  • A shorter treatment period – If your dentist in uptown places invisible braces in your mouth, you will attain excellent results in just six weeks. This is a very short period compared to the longer one you would endure wearing traditional braces.
  • Teens’ version is excellent – Invisible aligners for teenage girls and boys comes with blue indicator dots for monitoring compliance.

How does invisalign work?

The whole thing starts with the selection of the top midtown dentistry expert to install your invisalign aligners. Once you find a good clinic, make an appointment with the expert to have your teeth examined. If you are a good candidate for the invisible aligners, a scanner will be used to create accurate 3D digital images of your teeth. A treatment plan will be devised next, and it will show the length of treatment. If you want to see a preview of how your straighter teeth would look like, just ask. As soon as you get your custom aligners, the dental expert will show you how they will always be worn.

As hinted earlier, they need to be inside your mouth for twenty to twenty-two hours each day. The only time you will need to remove them is when your drinking, eating or cleaning your teeth.  In the next appointment, which is generally six weeks, a change will be noted. Each aligner in the series is designed to slowly move your teeth until it is back to its final and natural position. During every office appointment you will have after the treatment will be geared towards checking the progress. The dentist in uptown will see if the teeth are getting re-shaped and re-positioned as planned initially. Total treatment can generally be had after have eighteen to thirty aligners placed and this can take a period of nine to fifteen months.

What will you achieve after having teeth straightened?

A more confident and beautiful smile can be attained using invisalign clear aligners, of course. If you locate a reliable orthodontist who has ample experience, you will have nothing to worry about. After your teeth are fully straightened, you will have these health benefits.

  • Proper jaw and teeth functions are supported by straight teeth
  • Straightened teeth can be easy to clean and maintain
  • Your straight beautiful teeth can prevent a lot of stress, which can result to premature loss of teeth. Misaligned teeth can lead to a broken tooth, or a notch at the gum line. Additionally, abnormal flattening of the biting surface of your teeth as well as fractures along the edges of your teeth can result. But if your crooked teeth are straightened, all these problems can be avoided.
  • If your teeth are straight, you will seldom develop periodontal disease. The problem with this disease is that it can spread to the rest of the body even though it begins in the mouth. Once the disease gets into the bloodstream, it can harm your arteries. And this can raise your risk of getting a stroke, heart disease, and other dangerous health conditions.

Who can suitably offer this treatment?

The best provider of invisalign is a trained orthodontist. This is someone who has been to medical school for four years and boasts two more years of training in bite correction and solving jaw problems.  It is important to choose a licensed orthodontist who has years of experience in their area of specialization. Make sure that the orthodontist has a dental office near you and a website where you can browse and read more about their services. If you select fully trained orthodontists, placement of invisalign aligners will be a quick job. 

The amount of time you will keep on wearing your invisible aligners will largely depend on the severity of your case and can only be determined by your dentist. In most people though, the treatment period takes a full year, on average. Those with a more complicated problem wear their clear aligner for up to 15 months. If the teeth aligners are being made for a teenager, their orthodontist will determine how long they can wear them. The important thing to do first is to pick a real professional who understands their work.

How to know invisalign is best for you

The first thing you should do is to have your teeth evaluated by your top dentist.  So you cannot assume you are a good candidate for this treatment because your friend or relative is.  Have personal dental exams done first to establish if your problem is too complicated for invisible aligners to correct. There might be a consultation fee based on where you seek the service from and it is usually non-refundable.  Go to the best dental clinic, therefore, and consult your orthodontist.

Will the results be compromised?

Invisalign depends mainly on whether you first had appropriate dental examination and diagnosis offered by a professional dentist.  If you did, the next things that will affect the result are your own level of cooperation and the skills and help provided by your orthodontist.  If you follow instructions at home, chances that you will receive excellent results are high. While invisalign is best for all cases of misalignment, it is more effective if a case is simpler.  So you need to get approved for this treatment first, and then play your role to make it successful.

It is important to stick to one orthodontist all through your treatment to avoid starting all over again. There are hardly any orthodontist who will not put you through their own evaluation test to see if your former treatment plan is acceptable. Thus, take the time to pick the right expert initially.  In most cases, your new dentist and your first one must cooperate if your first treatment plan is accepted. All your remaining aligners should be sent to the new midtown Houston dentist and the case transferred officially.

How much will you pay?

Most dental clinics have an initial deposit that must be paid before the treatment begins. They may ask for a consultation fee as well, and it will not be refunded even if you won’t commit to their treatment plan. Once the treatment begins, there will be more payments made after every appointment.  They can be paid with money or insurance covers. The latter is always the cheapest and most convenient for most people. If you have dental insurance, call your insurer and ask them about the amount of money they can pay on your behalf.

 By so doing, you will know if there is an amount you would raise from your savings. If your case is complicated and will require many appointments, you might pay a big amount of money and are better of insured. Most dental offices will allow you to pay in smaller installments after making the first deposit that will initiate the process of making your teeth impressions. Since misaligned teeth don’t hurt, take your time to plan how you will meet the cost. Compare quotes from different orthodontists and also shop around to locate the right insurance plans.

When aligners develop some defects

If your clear aligners get damaged, the only way to solve the problem is to have them replaced. Remember to ask your service provider about their replacement fees when aligners are lost. Each aligner that requires a replacement will be priced separately. As each aligner has a number that identifies it, your orthodontist will be able to order it once more when you request a replacement. Keeping your previously replaced two to three aligners is important as your dentist can determine the one that should be replaced.  So you need to account for the cost of replacing your aligners when budgeting for your invisalign treatment. 


If your teeth are bent, twisted or misaligned in any other way, the best solution is an invisalign treatment. This is, particularly, so if you are an adult and can obviously be conscious when wearing visible braces. The invisalign ones are invisible and clear and people cannot easily notice them unless they are too close to you.  After the first consultation and enduring all the initial tests, your dentist will tell you if you are a good candidate for this treatment. If you make it, your teeth impressions will be taken to allow the dentist make your aligners. The process will take four to five weeks and you will be asked to come to the dental office to receive your first set of aligners. All your follow-up appointments will be scheduled for you, and will mostly be every six weeks until your treatment period comes to an end.  Now you don’t have to live with a bad smile due to misaligned teeth. Visit your 77027 dentist today for a thorough examination and determination of the best treatment plan for you. Soon you will enjoy a beautiful smile that will boost your level of confidence.