Getting a Dental Crown – A Detailed Guide For you

One of the commonly sought dental restorations for teeth is dental crowns. These are picked when you want to restore your smile after losing a portion of your tooth. Also referred to as caps, dental crowns are so similar to natural teeth. They are good options when one has discolored teeth because they look as … Continued

Going for Dental Check-ups and What Happens Next

Regardless of how old you are, you will want to have white, straight teeth. Far too many people decide not to bother visiting their dentist Houston area, and sadly it is not long before that becomes obvious. If they did, even the most basic of diseases and infections could be picked up and they really … Continued

Emergency Dentist | Top 5 Procedures Houston Dentist Office Do

Top 5 Procedures Houston Dentist Office Do Great oral health is so important if you want to avoid pain in the middle of the night. Taking good care of your teeth will protect you from tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease among other problems. If you have been too careless with your dental health, now … Continued

Best Houston Dentist | How long do Dental Crowns Last?

How long do Dental Crowns Last? There are many variables involved, so it is a complex answer. It really depends on the patient, material used, and laboratory used.  Well done and well maintained crowns can last decades.  At URBN Dental, we exclusively use Da Vinci Laboratories. Many insurance companies will pay for replacement crowns after 5-10 … Continued