Dental Pain: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Even if you are extremely conscientious about your oral health, you might experience dental pain at some point in your life. And nothing irritates like a toothache. Sometimes you might experience a throbbing dental pain that comes and goes. With dental pain expect several harsh realities, such as gum infection, tooth trauma, a severe sinus … Continued

Toothache Information – Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Have you ever felt sudden or constant tooth pain? A painful tooth often results from an irritated nerve. All the same, pain can be felt due to dental plaque or tartar, cavities, trauma, cracks, gum disease or damaged dental appliances. As you cannot easily tell the condition you are suffering from, it is good to … Continued

What is the best way to handle Dental Tooth Pain?

Dental pain can be mild or severe. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that any amount of pain can be so uncomfortable. It is advisable to know the origin of your pain and the best solution is your uptown dentist. He or she will examine your teeth and gums and detect the … Continued