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Even a grown adult will complain about the pain of a broken tooth. There are many reasons why this happens and fortunately, there are many ways of dealing with it and taking away the pain. Small chips may not cause pain, but when the chip becomes a break it will be a different matter altogether. It will hurt at the best of times and when there is any heat or cold, it will get worse. This can be either cold air or hot and cold food.

When the pain has been present for a day or so, you will need to make an appointment with a dentist at URBN Dental 77027 or 77002. At first, it will be a matter of checking the tooth and trying to find out how severe the damage is. After that, there will be the need to set about fixing it. There are many ways they can deal with a painful tooth, and not all of them will be difficult.

The dentist will first want to determine how much damage there is. They will want to know if it is just chipped or if things are more serious and there is a crack, break or fracture. All of these levels of damage can be treated, but it obviously means that there needs to be the correct treatment arranged for the level of damage.

Types of Tooth Damage

Even though the enamel on the teeth is stronger than bones, it is still fairly easy to damage it. There are many ways including: –

  • Eating things that are hard such as a boiled sweet or a large nut. If you feel anything untoward in your mouth, remove it as soon as possible.
  • Misuse of the teeth. It is amazing how many people think it will be fine to do such things as opening a bottle or biting into packaging that really requires a pair of scissors or knife to open it. This can be the easiest way to damage your teeth and is totally unnecessary.
  • Suddenly biting something that you were not expecting. This could be a stone in a date or a piece of toffee that was harder than expected.
  • Accidents – these can come in a variety of ways and can include a sporting injury or a fall. Being hit in the face by a ball can do a great deal of damage although it is not always avoidable.
  • Decay – regular visits to the dentist in uptown can limit this, but infection can spread quickly and as soon as you think there is a problem make an appointment and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.
  • Food and drink. It has always been known that sugar and sweet products could lead to a damaged tooth, but acidic items can be just as harmful.
  • Decaying filings. The older a filling gets the less effective it is. Once it starts to fail, the tooth can become damaged or infected. This is going to require treatment and either a new filling be put in place or other treatment found.

Once there is a problem, others will join it. With a bit of damage, other issues that would normally have been dealt with will become urgent and need fixing. Once the severity has been determined, you will find out what the URBN Dental dentist proposes to do about it.

If it is a little chip, then a filling is the most likely option. This may not be an ideal situation as over time the filling may need replacing, and on rare occasions what starts off as a minor chip can expand. You will be lucky here as there will be little – and on many occasions, no pain. It is when there is a nerve exposed that the pain starts. When a tooth is damaged, there are 4 reasons why you should not ignore it and should seek treatment.

  • It is painful – dental pain is something that cannot be overlooked.
  • There is a rugged edge and you are getting cuts to your lip, tongue or the inside of your mouth.
  • The chip is quite deep, and you are concerned about the dentin that is under the surface. If this is exposed to food or bacteria, then decay will set in.
  • It looks unsightly. If you have always taken good care of your teeth, then suddenly having a damaged on is going to be a concern.

Dental Treatment from a dentist at URBN Dental

If you manage to find the chip and it is of a decent size, there is a chance that it can be re-attached, and the dental pain should subside. Put it in some milk and get yourself and it to the dentist midtown Houston as soon as possible. All it needs is some dental adhesive and your smile can look as good as it ever it. Obviously, there will be a lot of times when you can’t find it, but that does not mean that nothing can be done about it.

A large sized chip will require a filling, and this should get it back to the size and shape that it was before the incident. Your dentist will refer to the procedure as dental bonding, and there will be the choice of a silver filling or tooth colored one. Most of the time this can be carried out without the need for an anesthetic as all your dentist will need to do is to apply the product and seal it in place with the result of a UV light.

When it is a front tooth that has been chipped you will want a repair regardless of the size of it. Even a small one can appear unsightly when it is in the front of the mouth. Cosmetic bonding is an option here as well, but if that does not work, you will be offered a crown. Even when the chip is at the back it needs to be treated, but clearly, there is no need to be as precious about the filling as no one else will be able to see it. In case you think it can be left because of its location, this will be a major mistake as it could fall victim to infection and the procedures and the cost will be a lot higher later on.

When the tooth is cracked, it will be a lot worse if there is no treatment carried out. The initial step will do determine the severity of the crack as that will determine the treatment to be done.

  • Craze Lines – there should not be any pain at all here as it will only be part of the enamel that is damaged. The dentist will be able to treat it in a session by simply treating the rough area and after some polishing it should be as good as new.
  • Cracked – this will start out like a craze line but will get worse if not dealt with. It will move its way through the tooth and down to the root. That is when the pain starts and a lot more treatment will be needed.
  • Split – here there is a vertical split and will be painful. The only way it can be saves is if it is a molar as they often have multiple nerves. Even if it has, the dentist may only be able to save a portion of it.
  • Vertical root fracture – here the crack works the other way around. It starts at the root and works its way up to the enamel. Infection is often found there, and this will be an obvious distraction from the job of repairing the tooth.

Dental Repairs

The good news is that the tooth that is examined early has a better chance of survival than one that is left. The crack will be fitted with a filling and once that has set, it will be further strengthened by adding a cap or a crown. The downside is when the pulp has been reached and become infected. Root canal treatment must be carried out and the root will have to be taken away and a filling put in its place. With midtown dentistry you should keep you informed of everything that is likely to happen and that should include the regularity of appointments and how much the overall treatment is likely to cost.

If there is no treatment, the crack will not stay a crack for long, but will become a fully-fledged split. When this happens at least some of the tooth will have to come out although with a healthy root still in place, the other part will remain. Again, a crown will be needed, but you will have a fully functional replacement for the one that has been damaged. When there has been a vertical root fracture, then the reality is, that you will lose the tooth.

Broken Teeth

A break will be clear for all to see and you will understand it has happened because of the pain you will be in. The inside of the tooth will be visible and often it will be hard to stop the bleeding. Even when there is no pain it does not mean that there is nothing wrong and that you can ignore the obvious break. This may just mean that the break is older than you thought, and the nerves have already died off. This still must be treated, because when it is left alone, an abscess can form.

The only plus side is that the damage often happens to the teeth at the back of the mouth. They can be taken out without too much trouble and restoration is not necessary. A way to stop this is to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

When the Tooth Breaks

First of all, it is important to try and find the piece that has broken off, as a dentist may be able to reattach it. The best place for it will be in milk in order to keep it clean and if there is any decay that can be treated at the same time. Laser dentistry may come into play here as this will be a way to carry out some of the work and not have to be invasive.

If it is possible not to eat that will be best, but when there has to be nourishment taken, make sure that it is all soft. There is also the risk of damaging the soft tissue in the mouth with the sharp edge of the break, so if you have a little bit of dental wax, that will come in very helpful. When the front teeth are involved it will not be as easy, although bonding is always an option. Dental crowns 77027 and 77002 will be used to cover the teeth and it will be hard to tell which are your own perfectly looked after teeth and which are the ones that the dentist has provided for you. The nearest there will be to a problem is when you want to have your teeth whitened. Your own teeth and the crowns are not made of the same material so finding something that will clean both to the same degree is unlikely to happen.

Teeth Straightening

Now that they are perfectly intact, there is the chance that you can have them straightened as well. As you have done all you can to stop people seeing the damaged tooth, you will want the braces to be invisible as well. Invisalign braces are clear, and no one will know that you have them in your mouth.

It will not take long for them to work as the trays that are used are changed a regular basis. As they have been designed to fit you perfectly, the teeth will move wherever they are sent by the braces. Invisalign 77027 and 77002 is a great way to finish off the adventure you have been on with regards to dental care. You will have a smile that shown off straight teeth that have been repaired expertly and make you want to let everyone you meet see it.


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