Dealing with Dental Pain and Understanding What Can be Done to Help

Anyone who has suffered from toothache will know how painful it can be. It will niggle away at you until you know that you will have to make a visit to your dentist midtown Houston. When you say you have toothache, it does not just have to emanate from a tooth, but can be located in the jaws, gums or parts of the face. There are various types of toothache and all can be equally as debilitating. It can start and just stay at a constant level, or it can come and go – sometimes almost unbearable and then other times quite mild. With some forms of toothache, it can be worse if you are having something to eat and drink. The fact that the food or drink may be either hot or cold can make a great deal of difference to the level of pain.

Sometimes you will feel sharp bursts of pain, and others will become worse at night – maybe because a nerve is involved and the way you are lying is aggravating it. Dental pain can come and go seemingly without warning. There are several reasons why it can start.

  • Decay – once your teeth start to go rotten, they will become painful. This is due to the infection that will get in and spread.
  • Chipped tooth – this can lead to the nerve becoming exposed, and when this happens, it can be simply an intake of breath that will lead to pain.
  • Infection – this can be hard to identify as when certain teeth are infected, the pain will not always manifest itself in the tooth responsible. An example of this will be when a molar at the back of the mouth become infected. The pain will be more in the ear and that can mean you delay seeing the dentist. Never take a risk and if you have ear ache, bear in mind that you may need to have molars treated.

Ear pain is not the only time when pain is transposed. When an upper tooth is damaged, you could feel as if you have sinus problems and the pain will radiate around the forehead and cheeks. A painful jaw can be caused by a broken tooth rather than an injury or infection to the jaw. If it is painful to touch the jaw, turn to the dentist to cure it for you.

A final cause of pain can be periodontal disease. When this occurs, it will be a dull pain that is felt. It is an infection caused by bacteria and it wears away at the structures supporting the teeth.

Visiting the Dentist

Although it will be hard to concentrate with the pain, it will be best to leave visiting the dentist midtown Houston until you have lasted through two days. Any earlier could be a waste of time, and any later can le ad to the risk of further damage.

Failure to seek treatment will lead to infection in the pulp that is located inside the tooth. Once this happens, the pain will turn into a harsh and relentless pain as you will have developed a dental abscess. Over the counter painkillers may work for a while, but that will only be in the short term, and they will do nothing to deal with the infection. As children cannot take certain products, if the patient is under 16, aspirin should be administered. Anesthetic gel could work for adults, but again this is not going to be suitable for children.

Causes of Toothache

The main reason for toothache is inflammation of the internal layer of the tooth. Nerves and blood vessels are contained inside the pulp and it is normally tooth decay that causes the inflammation. There are a few reasons for this: –

  • Decay – when this happens there will be gaps and holes in the enamel. Eating certain items will cause pain, as will the cold air reaching the tooth.
  • A cracked tooth – again, the nerves will be exposed and even if the crack is so small that it is hard to see there will still be a problem.
  • Problematic fillings – once they become loose, the air will again cause problems for the nerves. A simple visit to the dentist to have the filling replaced will stop the problem before it gets too bad.
  • Receding gums – as we get older, the gums can begin to shrink, and this will leave the root of the tooth open to the elements.
  • Abscess – when bacteria gets to the tooth there will be an infection setting in. Pus will gather, and this will lead to pain.
  • Swollen gums – this will often by when a tooth is coming through – as an adult this will tend to be wisdom teeth.

Treating a Painful Tooth

It will not be a simple case of providing comfort and relieve, there will need to be a full examination carried out by the dentist and this will often include the need for x-rays. It could be that the results show that the issue is decay, and this will be simple to treat. The dentist will clean out the tooth and make sure that all the decay is removed. After that a filling will be put in place and that should be the end of the problem. The problem will come if it is the pulp that has become infected. At this stage it will be root canal work that has to be carried out. The pulp will have to be cleaned out, and the tooth will have to be securely sealed. Failure to do this could lead to another infection occurring.

Failure to stop the toothache by either of these methods means that the only other option will be to extract the tooth. If this happens there will be ways to replace the tooth that goes, but it will mean a lot more treatment. Your 77027 dentist will be able to provide you with all the options and then full details once you have decided.

Preventing Painful Teeth

The best way to do this will be to be in regular contact with the dentist. Teeth and gums need to be well looked after and unfortunately, many people neglect them both- especially the gums. Diet will play a large part in the care of your teeth and it will be more a case of what you should avoid eating and drinking. Sugar should be limited both in food and liquids, although the odd treat is not going to be too much of an issue.

Brushing is important, and this is going to be more effective if there is a fluoride in the toothpaste. It is as important to brush your tongue and gums as well, as there is no point taking sugar and bacteria off the teeth and leaving it in other places. Dental floss should be used after meals and interdental brushes can be used for other times. To help your breath as much as your teeth, you should use mouthwash after brushing morning and evening.

Midtown dentistry covers many things and not just helping with pain. They will provide many other services including teeth whitening, a dental crown 77027, braces, and other day to day treatments.

Smoking should be avoided, as that can damage the teeth. Even if you don’t end up with dental pain because of it, the teeth will be discolored and require other work. This will usually be in the form of tooth whitening. There should also be regular check-ups. Your dentist will advise when the appointments should take lace and even if it seems they are too often, your dentist will only require a visit when they know you need it.

Teeth Whitening

This is becoming ever more popular as it seems that all the stars have had the work done. There are ways to carry it out at home, but it will be much better to have it done professionally. There are chemicals involved and that means that it will be easy for an inexperienced person to make a mistake.

Once the teeth have been whitened they should stay that way for quite some time. It will not be permanent, and they will need to be done again if you wish to keep the same level of brightness. There is nothing wrong with having the treatment done numerous times, but you should listen to your dentist’s advice when it comes to how often to have it done and how white the teeth can be. Teeth will end up at least a couple of shades whiter, but you have to be realistic. Yellowing teethe can be made to look white, but if they are badly stained – here is where the problem with smoking comes in – they are not going to end up totally white and bright.

Teeth Straightening

Many times’ children will have their teeth straightened, but there are some adults who decide that they want to go through the procedure. It could be that they were unable to access teeth straightening as children, or just felt that it was not as much of a problem. At times there can be trauma that leads to teeth being in the wrong place. A blow to the face will not always knock out the tooth but can lead to it moving and not looking as good as it used to.

Braces are the main way to get straight teeth and the hardest part will be deciding which type of braces you want. If you are not too concerned about the braces being seen, then steel braces will be fine. They will be easy to see but will be the most cost effective. If the treatment is purely for vanity, your insurance company may not be prepared to pay so this will be the best way to get straight teeth on a budget.

If you are more concerned about what others think, there are clear braces known as Invisalign. They will straighten your teeth more quickly than other methods and have several other advantages.

  • As mentioned, they cannot be seen
  • They can be removed while you eat. There is no need to worry that there is food rotting away in them. It will be easier to eat and then clean your teeth. The braces can be rinsed as well, but they should not be getting dirty.
  • Fewer visits to the dentists. You will be given a number of trays to take home, and you will change them every few weeks. Each one will move the teeth a little, and then the following one will move them a little more.

They are not going to be as cost effective as other forms, but they do have the benefits that will make them worthwhile. When you take advantage of Invisalign 77027, you can be sure that you are going to get amazing results.

Laser Dentistry

A dentist in uptown will keep up with technology and you will always benefit from the best treatment it is possible to provide. One of the latest products to find its way into the practice is a laser. They will be used to carry out a variety of functions and will make treatment quicker and safer. You will be offered goggles to wear throughout their use, but that is purely as a precaution and there will be no risk to you – or the dentist and their staff for that matter.

A laser producers light and is often used to cut. It can also help to bond things together and this is how the dentist will tend to use it. Fillings sometimes need curing, and this means ensuring that the bond between the tooth and the filling is strong.

As a child there may be a fear of the 77027 dentist but as you grow it must be overcome. They can do so much to help you, and if you find out about their practices and the results, it really should stop you being scared.