Dealing with the Issues Surrounding a Painful Tooth

Regardless of the type of tooth pain you are experiencing you will want it to be gone as soon as possible. Sometimes it will be sharp and piercing, other times dull and throbbing, but it will always be a distraction and you will be well advised not to ignore it. There are certain things that you can try at home, but ongoing dental pain will usually require a visit to the dentist. If you delay doing this, you can find that you will find it hard to eat anything that is either hot or cold or needs a little bit of biting or chewing before it can be swallowed. Sleeping can be difficult and after a few sleepless nights, you will realize that you need relief and you need it quickly.

Causes of a Painful Tooth

There are many reasons why there is pain coming from a tooth. It could be that your dental hygiene has not been all it should have been, and a tooth is suffering from decay. This can be cured, but you cannot do it at home. The same applies to a facial injury. If a tooth is damaged or loose, you will have to seek professional help. A further possibility is infection. This will be caused by bacteria finding its way into the tooth or the area around the tooth and caused an infection and an abscess. It helps to understand what the possible cause of your pain and once you understand that, you can start working out what to do regarding treatment.
  • Sensitivity – usually when there is a slight sensitivity to extremes of hot and cold, it is likely that there will be a straightforward cure. It can be due to a loose filling or a small amount of decay. In the first instance, use toothpaste intended for sensitive teeth and only use a very soft brush. If that does not solve the problem, it is time to go to the dentist.
  • Sensitivity after dental treatment – it could be that the pulp has become inflamed. This should not last for long. If this happens it can take a few weeks to calm down, so it may be best to wait for up to a month to allow this to happen.
  • Sharp pain – this could be due to a few issues. There may be decay, or a crack in the tooth. It could also be due to a crack. This could occur by biting something hard, or even a blow to the jaw. Here there are no home treatments to try and you should make an appointment with a dentist in Uptown right away. There may be the need to have the pulp removed and a filling put in its place.
  • Long-lasting pain – this refers more to the amount of time the pain lasts each time, not the overall time suffered. If it is more than 30 seconds when eating something that is hot or cold, then it is clearly a serious problem. There will be no way that the pulp can be saved as the damage will have been caused by either a great deal of decay or a strong blow to the tooth. The only way that a tooth can be saved under these circumstances will be to visit the dentist and begin a series of root canal treatment.
  • Swollen gums and sensitive teeth – here there will be persistent pain and often the gum will be red and inflamed. Any pressure at all will be painful. This is likely to be an abscess and it will be damaging the gum and bone in the vicinity. There is nothing to do at home, so a dental appointment should be made as a matter of urgency. Until that is carried out the only thing to do is take pain medication.
  • A dull ache causing a feeling of pressure to the teeth. This tends to happen when you grind your teeth at night. If you suffer with sinuses, this could also lead to you feeling pain in the teeth. If you believe that you do grind your teeth – a condition known as bruxism – then it will be a case of visiting the dentist. If you have problem sinuses, then over the counter medication should work. If this does not go away after a while, this will also require an uptown dentist
  Not having teeth that are straight can also make your smile look much worse than you would like. Braces have been available for many years, but recently there have been some that can barely be seen. Invisalign are classed as the invisible braces and you can wear them safe in the knowledge that few people will realize.

It is great to be able to wear braces that do not have wires across the teeth. Invisalign braces can be taken out when you eat meaning that cleaning is going to be fine. It also means that you can clean your teeth without worrying that you are missing bits. Bad breath and a risk of infection are all you can look forward to when that happens.

If this is the way that you choose to straighten your teeth, there will be a few processes to go through. At your first visit, there will be x-rays and impressions taken and then a series of trays will be produced. At the next one the first tray will be fitted and you will wear that for about a month at the most.

One thing impresses many users more than most. While they may love the fact that the braces are clear and easy to clean, they are most happy about seeing what the end results will be before the process starts. You can also see the changes that will be made each time the tray is changed so you can check that you are on course. There is one disadvantage of Invisalign, but this is entirely in your own hands. Ideally, they should be worn for around 20-22 hours a day, but it can be tempting to give it a break and leave them out for certain times over and above that. Not only will that prevent there being any further improvement, but it could also ruin any improvements that had already been made.

Upgrades are regularly being made when it comes to clear braces, and just because you are not suitable at one stage, it does not mean that this will always be the case. Whereas they were at one time only able to bring about mild improvements, more recently they have been able to deal with much more and believe they will be able to help people with complex teeth straightening needs.

The cost of Invisalign 77027 will vary from place to place and this is something that you may have to take into account when choosing who will carry out the treatment. It is very unlikely that an insurance company will pay for this as it will be considered cosmetic dentistry. If you decide that it is what you want, it is likely that the dentist will have a payment plan that you will be able to take advantage of.

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

There are times when a tooth that has been damaged cannot be sufficiently repaired will have to be covered. When this happens, it is a crown – otherwise known as a cap – that will be used. The cap will be made to specifically fit over the tooth that it is meant to cover and can be used for a variety of reasons. They are: –
  • Discolored – this is more likely going to be due to trauma as discoloration through food or drink intake can be dealt with in a different way. Providing the tooth has not died, treatment will be possible.
  • Out of shape – when a tooth is not the shape it should be, it is not always possible to improve that. A crown covering it will make it fit in with all the others and it will be colored so that it is the same shade as your existing teeth.
  • Damaged – this can be damage of any short – chipped, broken, split or knocked out of place. The crown will give you the same look that you had before the incident happened.
  • A filling has changed color and rather than go through the same process again you can have a crown that will cover it all.
  • After root canal treatment and there is the risk of damage if it is not covered properly. A crown will give protection and prevent further treatment being needed.
  • There are dentures and bridges that may need support. If the original tooth cannot do it, then a crown will be able to.
There are different materials that crowns can be made from and they can be metal – there is a choice of white or black or they can be porcelain so that they are the same as your own teeth. If you choose to have porcelain they will be made in such a way and to such a high standard that it will be hard to see what a crown is, and what an existing tooth is.

The amount of time it takes will be hard to determine. There is the need to get the tooth to the correct shape so that the crown will stay in place. It is also possible that there may need to be a filling put in place first, to ensure that the tooth is strong enough to hold the cap and will not fall foul of infection. It will not be an uncomfortable procedure as you will be given a local anesthetic and an impression will be taken. Once this has set, a 77027 dentist will make an exact copy and it is this copy that will be placed in the mouth. You can be sure that it is going to be a good fit and a good match for the other teeth. If you don’t want to have an unsightly tooth, then a temporary one can be put in place. It can be used as an ordinary tooth, but you must remember that it is not as durable as the crown will be.

If the new crown fits, it will be glued into place. If the crown is as a result of root canal treatment, then there may be a peg used and this is also the case if there is not a lot of the original tooth available to use. As long as you look after it the crown will give you many years of good service. You need to make sure you treat it as well as the other teeth when it comes to cleaning as it cannot be left just because it is a man-made tooth. It cannot decay or cause pain, but there may be some problems where the tooth and crown meet.

Using a Laser

More and more dentists are using laser dentistry as a way to treat patients. They are ideal when it comes to cleaning teeth and getting rid of the bacteria that has formed. A light pulse breaks up the dirt and it moves off the teeth. Using a laser means that incisions do not have to be made and this will mean that the area will heal a lot more quickly.

It is not possible to use a laser for all treatment but can be used in many. Drilling will be less of a procedure in the future as lasers will be used and there is no risk of nerves being damaged. Dentists should be qualified to use a laser and if you are concerned that this may not be the case, you can ask to see the certificate or license that will prove they have been correctly trained. Also make sure that you are properly treated when a laser is used and if not offered, insist that you are given protective eye-wear – the dentist is bound to be wearing them.