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The problem of decaying tooth is a standout among the most unavoidable problem that leads to dental pain, however current dentistry has made it possible to fight against this problem in advance. In light of the clinical research, dentists in uptown are currently moving towards a way to deal with the management of dental decay that is customized according to your own threats instead of a generic solution that fits everyone.

The methods used in the past, including filling of cavity for treating decay does not really change the conditions that prompt the problem and the infection hazard still remains. By outlining the level of hazard and executing customized preventive techniques, the uptown dentist are utilizing a more proactive approach which should really work to treat a painful tooth.

Tooth decay; are you aware of the reasons?

Most of the people are confused about the reasons of dental pain and tooth decay. Let me give you an overview of the circumstances which cause tooth decay. The human mouth acts like a habitat where microorganisms multiply on regular basis if the environment is suitable for them. Teeth are covered with an enamel that protects the inner layer of tooth. Saliva in mouth also helps to maintain balanced environment and control acidity.

Bacteria are the agents which generate acidity and damage teeth, which can even reach a level that you may have a broken tooth. Plaque in your teeth is helpful for those bacteria to live in a suitable environment. Use of too much sweat or carbohydrates help them to produce more acid in mouth, that damages the layer of tooth enamel and teeth are exposed to decay. The inner part of teeth is delicate, so it is affected through acidity and you experience a painful tooth.

Assessment of risk before you encounter dental pain

It is not wise to wait till the problem reaches the highest level. Usually people don’t bother to visit their dentist, until they encounter the extreme level problem, such as dental pain.  This is the reason it is highly recommended to visit your uptown dentist at an agreed frequency, so that any risk is identified before a huge loss.

A URBN Dental dentist may suggest you some remedies in order to prevent cavities; these measures must be followed according to his guidance. Specially after a certain age it is likely to encounter tooth decay and other problems. Usually it has been observed that people face such problems, when they are in 30s, however those who are careful about the precautions, they are less affected with teeth decay in this age and maintain healthy teeth for a longer time.

If a problem regarding teeth decay is ignored, the microorganisms find more space in mouth and increase the speed of decay. This way. Cavities reach the roots of teeth and result into painful tooth. Not only this, if the problem persists, it may also lead to a broken tooth, because your teeth will not be strong enough to bear any pressure. Only a single nut can create a trouble for you.

Importance of dental education among children

Although the parents never ignore the need of dental education to their children, but only generic kind of teaching is not enough. Most of the children are only aware that they should brush their teeth. Some of those also take care of doing the same, not only in the morning but twice a day. But the parents are not capable to extend more than this level of knowledge. Mostly children ignore the appropriate timings to brush their teeth. That means that the training provided by the parents cannot suffice the level of awareness that is actually required. Parents and schools, both should take responsibility to arrange sessions for the children, conducted by the uptown dentist, at least once a year.

Assessment on at least annual basis can help in identification of a potential problem that may occur in the later age. Usually most of the children face difficulties in their transition age. This is the age when their milk teeth are replaced by the adult teeth. Most of the children face issues regarding wrong placement of new teeth. It occurs when an adult tooth finds its place behind the milk teeth on a wrong side, thus a new tooth appears before the milk tooth falls down. In this situation, the new adult tooth is at a wrong place and disturbs the look of the set of teeth. Not only this, the new tooth may also lead to problems in eating due to a wrong position.

Why dental treatment at an early age?

Teeth straightening and Invisalign among such children is not a luxury, but a significant need. If the problem is not addressed on time, the children may lose their self-confidence, as they start to avoid smiling in front of others. They are always conscious about their looks due to their teeth, and continuously feel that they don’t look good while their teeth are visible. In this situation, some of the children even become reluctant to speak in front of others, thus, their entire personality can be ruined.

If the parents feel that their child is facing such problems, such as appearance of adult tooth before fall of the milk tooth, they must take them to the dentist at earliest. In such cases the dentist can fix the issue before it leads to a more complex problem. For example, if it appears that the milk tooth is not tending to leave the place for the adult tooth, the dentist can take an x-ray to find the precise position. Finding an issue, he can extract the milk tooth, so that the new one finds its place at the right spot.

If a child has been encountered a problem and needs straightening of teeth,  the dentist can immediately choose the best option for him, and applies the braces for a timely solution. If the child is shy and does not like the visible wired braces, Invisalign can be an appropriate option for them.  These will be easy to carry because these are not apparent and can also be removed for brushing.

Do you know how to brush?

It is surprise to know but there are several people in the world who are not aware of the appropriate methods of brushing. Several people think that brushing very hard can give them a shiny set of teeth. In fact, these people are not aware that brushing hard can lead to a damage to their natural enamel and by doing this, they themselves invite tooth decay by making teeth weaker.

Another disadvantage of wrong brushing practices is that people damage their gums and create several issues which took place only due to weaker gums. Bleeding from gums due to regular damage may lead to an infection which is also painful.

Another wrong brushing practice is to brush softer than it is required, due to fear of gum bleeding. In such cases, plaque is not removed properly and bacteria find their home easily. This way tooth decay starts much earlier and may cause a rapid damage. The appropriate way to deal with this issue is that one should use a moderate method which is neither extra hard nor soft. At URBN Dental your local dentist near you will help advise the best instructions to keep your smile the best.

Do you know about gingivitis during pregnancy?

Yes, this is a common problem, but most of the people are not aware about it. First of all, let me explain what is gingivitis; it is a commonly found mild diseases in gums in which, patients are affected with irritation, swelling and redness, inflammation, bleeding resulting even from soft cleaning, smell in breath and several other issues. A person without gingivitis would have visibly fit gums around teeth, while among the patients the gums will look tender and swollen. This problem mostly occurs due to poor practices to maintain oral health.

Most of the people are unaware that women are mostly vulnerable to gingivitis during their pregnancy. This is usually due to hormonal changes they undergo during the entire period. Not only in pregnancy, in other situations of hormonal changes, such as menses, menopause and due to the use of birth control through pills, women may encounter gingivitis. This does not mean that the problem is left unattended; assuming that it will automatically exit after completion of pregnancy. The patient must visit dentist so that any serious loss may be prevented.

How to identify dental decay?

There are certain indicators which help in identification of teeth decay before reaching an incurable stage, such as broken tooth.

  • You should keep a check on your teeth, as soon as you feel some different feeling or visibility, you should visit your dentist at earliest. A different feeling may be due to teeth decay.
  • Cavities may clearly be visible; don’t let those spread over the whole or other teeth. Consult your dentist for filing, to prevent further decay.
  • If you are feeling sensitivity but cannot see any decay, get an X-ray from URBN Dental Uptown and Midtown dentist.
  • White spots on teeth may be an indicator of teeth decay, immediately consult the dentist, he might suggest appropriate fluoride treatment to reverse the process.
  • If you had cavities filled in the past, you should check the status at least on annual basis, so that you may find if there is any need of mending.
  • Plaque may be visible in several cases, and this indicates that the amount of deposits is above the alarming level. In this situation, acidity in your mouth can cause a rapid tooth decay, which may also lead to a painful tooth.
  • Saliva is important to balance acidity in mouth, if you feel saliva to be less that the adequate amount, you should check your dental health
  • High potency medication can cause dental issues, in such cases, paying a visit to the dentist may help to prevent side effects of such medicines.
  • Using too sweat items can easily lead to teeth decay. Sweat foods create an ideal environment for the bacteria.
  • Sleeping without brushing, especially after eating sweats, or drinking sweat beverages may create problems. if you have been habitual to do so, you should immediately visit the dentist.
  • Dental sensitivity is the best indicator to find out that tooth decay problem is likely to start. In this case, you should visit your dentist and get your teeth thoroughly checked.

Teeth are extremely important to maintain overall health, not only the oral health of a person. If the oral environment is affected with bacteria, there are high prospects of other diseases, such as stomach problems. Not only this, tooth is damaged at a rapid speed and causes pain, sensitivity and even breakdown. Dental pain,  makes an individual highly uncomfortable and the entire body is disturbed due to this issue. However current dental experts have made it possible to tackle this problem in advance. Now the customized solutions for each of the patient have minimized the complexities of the issue; for example, laser dentistry, has made the treatments very simple, before any complication takes place. Several other solutions have been discovered, which can help in decreasing dental problems, such as dental pain, tooth decay and broken tooth due to decay.

Identification of the level of risk and application of customized preventive measures can provide the best solution for the problem. The URBN Dental Midtown and Uptown dentist are utilizing more efficient methodologies to find the best solutions for treating a painful tooth. Only small wise measures can save you from extreme discomfort that can really disturb you. Also, careful steps, taken by the parents to ensure dental health for the children can guarantee that they will have healthy teeth throughout their life, even in an older age. The need is to identify the problems on time and visit the dentist for checkup and treatment, and also to keep ourselves aware of the problems related to oral health. So, enjoy your health by maintaining your dental care, this way you will always remain healthy and happy, without any complications.


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