Dental Root Canal Procedure

If you are affection any problem in teeth root canal then come at Urbn Dental where experienced dentist treatment your problem carefully.

Dental tooth pain can result in the need of root canal therapy

Painless root canal therapy begins with profound anesthesia

At URBN Dental we use the latest technology in order to offer the best in dental treatments

A broken tooth or a big cavity can result in the nerve of the tooth being inflammed

Best Dentist Houston | What is a Dental Root Canal Procedure?

Why does my tooth hurt and what can I do to solve this issue?

At URBN Dental we evaluate each case extensively and recommend multiple levels of treatment giving you the chance to make the best decision for your oral health. If you have been experiencing tooth pain including pain during the night, while eating, or drinking hot or cold fluids you may have an infected tooth. By coming into URBN Dental we will help determine exactly what is the cause of the issue. Considering infected teeth may come in numerous forms such as swollen gums, a bump on the gums, broken tooth, fractured teeth, and/or a swollen face your tooth may have a serious problem and most likely may need root canal therapy. Our goal is to save your tooth and make sure you can keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Do I need a root canal?

If you have these possible dental symptoms of a tooth that feels severely hot and cold sensitive, an area in the mouth that is swollen, face that is swollen, or you cannot sleep at night due to tooth pain it may be time to be evaluated for a potential root canal treatment. A root canal situation is needed when a tooth becomes infected on the inside of the tooth or around the root of the tooth itself. A tooth becomes infected when a tooth has deep decay, a large cavity, a broken tooth, a leaky filling, and when a tooth gets any form of trauma to it. Once the cavity or crack reaches the center of the tooth or the pulp (heart of the tooth) it can manifest several different types of dental pain. To save the tooth root canal therapy is recommended to clean out the inside of the tooth and place medicine inside it to take care of the pain.

The goal of root canal treatment is to remove all the bacteria inside the tooth causing the infection and to place inert material inside the tooth keeping it bacteria free and pain free. Once this part of the treatment is finished the tooth needs to have a final restoration which includes a build-up or a post and core build up to help strengthen the tooth and a final crown to protect the tooth from any form of potential fracture. If the tooth is left alone after the root canal therapy and no crown placed on top of it the tooth may get a new cavity or break. By having a permanent cap, or crown, on the root canal treated tooth it will keep the tooth safe and less prone to future new decay or fracture.

If this type of treatment is not administered a tooth can lose all of its structure and not be savable anymore. If a tooth is not savable anymore a tooth may end up falling out and or cause a life-threatening infection. At that point the tooth may need to be taken out before any hazardous risks become present. It is our goal at URBN Dental Midtown and Uptown to save your teeth to the best of our ability. Always easier to fix smaller problems rather than when they become more complex and need this form of dental treatment. However, root canal therapy is pain free and we will make sure you are comfortably numb before any treatment is administered and we are happy to take you out of pain and get you on your way. At URBN Dental we are here for you and if any dental emergencies please call 713-714-4245.

What can happen if I do not get the root canal therapy? Will this dental pain go away by itself?

An infected tooth can cause a lot of issues. The mouth of the human body is the gateway to your health and not keeping it healthy can lead to a lot of systemic infections too. Everything in the body is connected and research has already shown the link between various diseases in the body that are directly correlated with dental health. There has now been shown two specific links between oral health and heart disease. At URBN Dental 77002 we want to take care of your dental health so you can feel healthier in the body too! Dental pain can have symptoms that area occasional or ongoing. Leaving any infection active in the body does not lead to any positive results. No matter what dental pain you have always safer to have us at URBN Dental evaluate just to be sure. If pain is left the body could be at risk for larger more systemic infections. People can soon get large facial swellings, have breathing issues, have ear and eye infections, or even more life-threatening issues that need hospital care immediately. We are always here for you to answer any questions you may have. At URBN Dental we want to be as pain free as possible for you, especially in cases when you are already in some kind of dental related pain. Contact us today to be sure you can get taken care of right away.

Can I just have my tooth pulled or extracted instead of doing a root canal on my tooth?

The goal of dentistry is to save your teeth because there is nothing as true or ideal as your natural body. If you choose to have your tooth taken out due to severe pain and cannot proceed with saving it we can help get you out of pain and have to tooth extracted or removed. When a tooth is removed the area will change dramatically. Teeth around the missing area will soon start to shift, the bone in the area will atrophy or become less, and adjacent teeth will start to have bone loss as well. The missing tooth area will become less aesthetic and have a less desirable prognosis on future treatment options as well. It is best to understand that if a tooth is lost to consider a possible dental bridge, dental partial or dental flipper, or possible dental implant to help. At URBN Dental we are here for you and if any dental questions or want a consult please set up an appointment. URBN Dental Uptown and Midtown are ready to serve your dental needs and make it easier to find quality and personal care near you.