Dental Veneers | Describing Lumineers and Their Advantages

Describing Lumineers and Their Advantages

Do you have unattractive teeth you would like to enhance? If so, you could be a great lumineers candidate.  Lumineers are a popular alternative to veneers and most dentists in Houston tx know them. Lumineers are better than veneers because of one thing: they require minimal or no preparation at all. To dentists, they are easier and quicker to install and to patients they preserve a tooth so well.  In order to know if you make a great candidate for lumineers, visit a dentist in Houston today.

This cosmetic dentistry expert will examine your teeth to know if you really need lumineers. These are natural-looking teeth that are made after dentists in houston texas remove just enough surface enamel. Lumineers don’t need the dentist to grind, file or cut any tooth structure to promote placement. Instead, they bond these sorts of veneers to the front surface of a tooth to simplify the procedure as much as possible.

Lumineers are not like traditional veneers

If you have ever had traditional veneers installed, you already know that they spot a thick structure. As a result, a dentist houston texas specialist has to grind down the original tooth structure. This is a difficult process that requires enough time allocation and a lot of caution. When using lumineers, however, this difficulty is removed. They are distinct in that they are extremely thin (0.2mm) and super translucent. As a result, lumineers replicate the natural appearance of tooth enamel.

As they are so thin, lumineers require little to no reduction of the tooth. And when time to place the tooth comes, patients feel no pain, sensitivity or discomfort.  That’s what makes lumineers better than veneers plus the very fact that they promote chewing and drinking anything. Additionally, these devices last longer than the traditional veneers and enable your mouth to function normally. That’s why most houston tx dentist clinics recommend lumineers.

Who can have lumineers placed?

These are made for people who have common beauty flaws in their mouth. For instance, if you have small teeth, broken/cracked teeth, crooked teeth, stains or gaps, make sure you see the top dentist houston texas today. It is also a great treatment for teeth that are slightly crowded and make perfect substitutes for braces. Once you get your lumineers, you can expect no pain or sensitivity afterwards. Furthermore, you will heal quickly and get whiter teeth that appear more attractive.

The process of installation

Lumineers are the easiest to install, as earlier hinted. You only need two discreet visits to complete the process. During the first appearance at your dentist office houston tx, the professional will take a precision custom mold that will allow the creation of a customized veneer.  Next, your doctor will let you select the best color or pick it themselves. At the end of it, the aim is to get a prettier white smile and a good dentist will achieve it. During the second visit, your dentist houston tx specialist will check your lumineers for a proper fit and shade before attaching them. After this you will have a completely beautiful smile.

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