Dentist 77027 | Describing Plaque and How to Successfully Get Rid of It

Describing Plaque and How to Successfully Get Rid of It Plaque is invisible but dangerous. It can be described as the accumulation of debris, dead cells and bacteria on teeth. Removal of dental plaque is extremely important as if it is left behind, tartar could form. Tartar is just plaque that has hardened on teeth. It can form on teeth and beneath the gumline, irritating your gum tissues. The disadvantage of allowing tartar to form is that it increases the surface area on which more plaque can grow. The end result is either a gum disease or cavities. It’s important to seek help from the best Houston dentist, if you already have plaque or tartar.How to locate plaqueTo know how to remove dental plaque from your teeth, you have to find ways to locate it. The quickest and easiest way is to use a stain. As plaque is undetectable, it can be hard to determine the extent to which it has attached on your teeth. That’s why you should use the stain method of identifying plaque. Purchase plaque disclosing tablets in your local drugstore and chew them. Soon after, the chewed tablets will stain the plaque on your teeth. The vivid red stain will simplify the process of removing plaque from each tooth. If you can already see yellow or brown stains above your gumline, your plaque is slowly advancing to tarter. However, visiting the top galleria dental clinic is the surest way to detect tarter and remove it.Why you should get rid of plaqueThe obvious reason is that unattended plaque could advance to tarter. And if you get tartar buildup, you could develop tooth decay or gum disease. Gum disease is also called gingivitis and it causes gums to swell, bleed and redden as more plaque adheres along the gumline and teeth. If both plaque and tartar are not dealt with now, they can provoke bacteria to release more toxins that might damage your jaw bone and the surrounding ligaments. The end result could be periodontitis, a more serious dental disease. As plaque buildup weakens your tooth enamel, it will be almost impossible to resist bacterial acids. So tooth decay (cavities) is likely to occur.How to eradicate plaque If you don’t have issues with your teeth or gums, consider yourself lucky for now. Nonetheless, take necessary steps to prevent plaque buildup. If you remove all plaque, you will never deal with tartar. So, how can you do this?
  • Brush and floss your teeth every day – To brush your teeth successfully, buy the best oral hygiene aids: a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and dental floss. Although electric toothbrushes aren’t more effective at cleaning teeth than manual ones, they are fun and easy to use. As for toothpaste, pick a fluoride product as it is known to strengthen teeth and protect them from cavities. When flossing, move the tool along the sides of your teeth and between them. Flossing removes bacteria and food particles that might otherwise promote plaque formation. Lastly, brush each tooth alone using the right technique without forgetting to clean your tongue.
  • Seek professional help – Even if you manage to create a sensible oral hygiene routine, your efforts are incomplete without two annual visits to the top plaque removal dentist. A dentist is the only one who can remove the amount of plaque you have been unable to get rid of at home. They might as well recommend a mouthwash that attacks plaque when cleaning your mouth.
Along with the above measures, make sure that you read several houston dentists reviews online. This will prevent you from selecting the wrong dental clinic.

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