Dentist 77027 | Understanding the Processes of Emergency Root Canal Work

Understanding the Processes of Emergency Root Canal Work

As soon as you hear the expression “root canal”, you know that there is the risk of both expensive and painful surgery. There are 2 main reasons why you will end up having surgery. Firstly, you will be in a lot of pain already and this is the way to get rid of it. It tends to be an inflamed nerve that is the cause and anyone who has suffered from this will know just how painful it can be. The second is because there is a dead tooth in your mouth. Often when a tooth dies, the area becomes infected and needs to be treated. The worse case scenario is going to be when both things happen, and it will be emergency root canal treatment that has to take place.

How You Got to This Stage

In the first instance, it can be due to a tooth that has become broken – in a child it could be from a fall, an adult could be eating something hard to bite. The problem is when enough of the tooth is missing and the nerve is exposed. It is hard to describe just how painful this can be. While getting rid of the pain will be paramount, it is also important to save the tooth, especially if it located where it can be seen.

A root canal dentist is the person to go to. In Houston you can find a dentist 77027 and they will be close enough to deal with your issues quickly. An appointment will be made as quickly as possible as the sooner the treatment starts, the quicker you will be out of pain and the greater the chance that the tooth can be saved.

How the Treatment Works for a Broken Tooth

  • If you manage to find a dentist, you are well on the way to relief.
  • Once in the chair, the first part of the relief will begin. The tooth will be numbed, and this will be done in a couple of stages. Firstly, a gel will be applied, and to ensure that nothing else will be felt, a local anesthetic – usually given via a needle.
  • The treatment is then carried out.

By the time the anesthetic wears of, the toothache should be a thing of the past. It could be a few days before things feel as if they are back to the way they were, and there could be a few marks on the face. Cuts and scratches cannot be avoided with this treatment. Once things have settled down, then the cosmetic part can take place. It could be that there is enough of the tooth remaining for it to be built up, or if that is not possible, a cap can be put in place.

How the Treatment Works with An Abscess.

  • You will need to find a suitable dentist. If they offer 24-hour dental care, then so much the better.
  • If you have an abscess, it will be difficult to eat, although there will not be any sensitivity to the feeling of something being hot or cold.
  • Swelling may show, and this can be in parts of the mouth not necessarily where the damaged tooth is located.
  • Antibiotics will often be provided to bring down the swelling. This will bring a feeling of relief, but it is not the whole solution.
  • The next stage is to remove the infection. This again will bring a feeling of relief. Once the infection has been drained out, there will be less pressure on the nerves in the surrounding area.
  • Before the patient leaves, a disinfectant dressing must be placed in the tooth and left there for a few days. This prevents further infections being created.
  • After a few days the next stage can begin. The tooth must be cleaned out and blocking any areas were infection can spread.

Tooth Abscesses

It can sometimes be a hard decision as to whether the tooth should be saved or not. If it is at the front of the mouth, then it is likely that the decision will be to do everything possible to keep it. If it is at the back, or a regular problem, then the opposite may be decided.

As soon as you realize there is a problem you should seek treatment, or you may end up in an emergency dental office. In fairness to the staff there, they are well qualified and will be able to help, but the person you see may not be a specialist in the area you need help with. An oral surgeon will be able to carry out procedures with great precision, but they are not the same as a dentist. Just knowing that you do not have the best person helping you can lead to stress and this is the last thing you need on top of toothache and infection.

Root Canal Treatment Costs

It is possible to get affordable dental treatment when you need root canal treatment. The cost will depend on whether the tooth is in the back or front of the mouth and whether it is easy to reach. If a crown is needed, this will add to the cost, as will any restorative procedures that are carried out. It is worth checking if you are covered by insurance as some policies will include it while others will not.

I always like to know the location of affordable dental services near me as the longer the problem is left the worse it will become. Then the more expensive it will be to treat it. You also need to consider the cost of the antibiotics that you will need to take. These will always be needed before the treatment begins, but on occasions there may be the need to take them after treatment as well. Hopefully they will not be needed afterwards, but it is worth remembering that there may be a reason why they are required.

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