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It is not possible to tell when there will be a dental emergency. You cannot plan when they will happen and therefore cannot be sure that there will be someone to help when you need it. A tooth can break at any time and apart from the pain and discomfort, it will also impinge on other people’s lives.  If you are not aware of what is available where you are, then you could be in trouble unless you have immediate access to the nearest dental clinic.

A tooth can crack and break on the slightest thing. Just by eating something hard, you can end up needing a dentist. If you are lucky, either you or someone else in the group will be aware of a dentist in the area, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case. If you are in a strange place, it could be locals who end up giving you the information you need.

Firstly, the person who is suffering will need emergency dental care and will have an emergency appointment. As soon as the severity is explained, an appointment will be made, and the first stage of the treatment can begin. Sometimes there will be the possibility to save the tooth, but a lot of the time there is nothing that can be done. The only solution is going to be extraction, and for the sake of the patient, it will need to be done as quickly as possible.

If you want to have the same level of speedy treatment, you will have to know the local dentists wherever you are. I always like to make a note of the places that can carry out emergency extractions near me in case there is the need to visit.

Not all extractions come about as the result of a sudden event. It is just as likely that the pain will start slowly and get worse over time. The big problem here is that there could be an infection setting in. Once this happens, there is a possibility of curing it with antibiotics, but it is just as likely that the tooth will have to come out. Once the infection gets to a certain stage, it is much harder to control. It can spread to other teeth, and if not treated properly can even damage the gums. A good dentist will know which course to take, and you will be well advised to take their advice.

The nearest dental clinic that can accommodate you should be able to discuss the options with you. You should not be asked to decide without being given enough information to allow you to make a sensible decision. The pain can be explained, and during the examination, a clearer picture should be formed. It is only then that the decision to carry out an emergency dental extraction should be made. When you consider that a root canal will often be the alternative, it is clear that extraction could be the sensible choice.

It is not only a tooth with an infection or broken tooth that will require an extraction. Wisdom teeth often need to be removed before they have the chance to come through. There are ones that do come through, but the pain here is just as bad, and an extraction is again the best decision to make. If I know the dental locations near me, I don’t worry too much about my teeth.

Problematic Wisdom Teeth

You will be made aware of the appearance of wisdom teeth often because of inflammation around where they are. There are many symptoms that can be experienced and the main ones that will lead you to require an extraction are:

  • An ache in the jaw. It is much more likely to be a dull ache rather than acute, and this can be just as annoying and require dental intervention.
  • Swelling – this will be clearly visible, and the pain will become more noticeable when eating.
  • A bad taste that cannot be removed. Even cleaning the teeth and flossing will not make it go away.
  • Fever – this is clearly serious as it is going to impact on other areas of your life.
  • An inability to talk as you cannot properly open your mouth. This is usually due to the level of swelling that occurs.
  • An abscess.

 Many people have trouble with their wisdom teeth and require them to be removed. It is usually the lower teeth that are the problem and the issue is understood. As the tooth starts to come through, there is a gap between it and the gum. Microbes can easily find their way in there, and this is how the infection starts. There is no real need for wisdom teeth, so out of all the ones you have, you should be less concerned about losing these. A local dentist will always find time to see you, and you can be sure that they will do all they can to cure your pain.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are caused when bacteria eat away at the teeth and leaves holes in them. The centre can become infected and this should be treated as soon as you are aware of it. If it is left to reproduce, pulpitis can begin and once it arrives at the roots, the only option will be an extraction at an emergency dental clinic and quickly followed by emergency dental care.

Other Reasons for Extraction

You could also need a tooth taken out because: -

  • There has been a harsh impact injury
  • The jaw has been damaged and can no longer sustain the tooth.
  • Roots are damaged

Medication may not always be an option, as they can work against treatment already being undergone. Treatment for diseases such as cancer will mean that an infection should be dealt with as soon as there are any signs. Having a dentist close by is always going to give you the best chance to keep your tooth or have it extracted painlessly.

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