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UPTOWN/GALLERIA: 346-980-4770
MIDTOWN: 281-397-3832

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Clearly, by now, it is common knowledge that for any problem or issue that has to do with the teeth, a dentist should be consulted. If you are resident in Houston and you are looking to find a dentist that can cater for the dental needs of yourself and your family including providing affordable treatment sessions then URBN Dental is just the perfect place for you to be.

We show full dedication to the provision of only the best dental care for all our patients. That is why you should make us the dentists of choice to cater for your family needs because we have programs for children, teenagers, and adults. We fully understand that our patients are the life of our establishment so we show a genuine care for every single one of them – male, female, young and old we do not discriminate.

Our in-house team offers gentle dental care when they offer dental solutions to patients, especially children to make them feel at home and enjoy the experience. We have both male and female dentists that can cater to your needs and offer our appealing services to you. Our dentists will take your questions and offer advice at any time of the day and any day of the week in case you have an emergency.


When your children are young you probably would make all their food choices and try to limit food that might contribute to tooth decay. But as children grow older, they become more independent and when they get to their teenage years, they most likely are in full control over what they choose to eat – well, at least outside the house. So they may be consuming a lot of food that may prove detrimental to their oral health in the long run. Our dentists can offer professional advice and guidance that can help boost the oral health of your teenager and make them avoid pitfalls of slipping into bad dental habits.

For adults, we have in-house adult dentist Houston who provide guidance in dental issues and treatment as well. Dental problems can still find a way to creep in sometimes even when it seems you maintain a very good oral hygiene routine. Having a good understanding of the different factors that can lead to teeth decay or damage is a step in the right direction to curb these issues. We also provide preventive care that will help you in the prevention of oral diseases that could prove disastrous.

URBN Dental is located in Houston, so if you are looking for a family dentist near me or female dentist near me to care for your teeth, the best course of action is to pay us a visit. You will be glad you did so in the long run.

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