Different Treatments Provided by Dentist 77027 Specialists

As you only ever get two sets of teeth, you don’t want to find that there are problems with the second set. Once our adult teeth have gone, they have gone. Keeping them clean and healthy will ensure that they will last you a long time, and if there are any problems, a lot can be dealt with by visiting a dentist 77027 clinic. When you select a dentist, there are a few things you want to be sure of. Most of all will be availability. The last thing you need is to require an appointment and find out that they are not open. While it cannot be expected that a dentist will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you don’t want one that is 9 – 5 Monday to Friday. Some sort of out of hours and weekend service should be expected.There should also be a variety of services available. Cleaning and filling will be part of everyday life for the dentist, but they should also be able to deal with: –
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Tooth pain
  • Teeth straitening
  • Tooth whitening
  • Tooth pain of any kind – dental pain is known to be one of the hardest to deal with.
Chipped Tooth
When you chip a tooth, there will be the concern that only a replacement will be possible. Many times, the tooth can be repaired and if it is only a small chip it will be an easy job to do. Often it will just be a filling added. As you can know have white fillings, it will be a small job and the main thing will be to match the colour to your shade of tooth. If there is no way to fill the chip, it could be that you will need a dental crown 77027.When it is more than a chip, there are still ways to save the tooth. If it is deep enough for the nerve to be exposed, you will know about it right away. It will be painful when you breathe in cold air, and it will be difficult to eat anything that is anything other than warm. Hot or cold stimuli can cause pain. There are times when the tooth will have to be removed. At times it will be so damaged that there is no other option. This tends to be when the damage is caused to the bottom of the tooth and then works its way up.The nerve will be exposed and will need a cover as soon as possible. Damage to the root will also mean it needs to be removed unless it is a molar, and then there is a chance it can stay. Molars have more than one nerve, and if only the one is affected, you may be able to get by with just the remaining one. Even then there will need to be a crown, but this is easier to deal with than the alternatives.
Teeth Straightening

This was at one time just the thing that was done as a child. You would have a strong brace placed on the teeth and must deal with it. Some could be taken out when eating or at least to clean afterwards, while others would have sections placed on the teeth meaning only a dentist and their tools could remove them. Now things are much different, and it can be almost impossible to tell that you are wearing braces.Invisalign braces are ideal if you do not want to be seen wearing braces and a trip to an Invisalign 77027 dentist should reassure you. As they are clear, you can put them in and it will be hard to see that they are there. Another benefit is the fact that you can take them out from time to time. This should only be when eating as if they are out for too long, all the good work and straightening that has already taken place will be undone.Cleaning them is also easier as all areas can be reached, and when brushing your teeth, there is nothing to prevent you from reaching all areas. Your confidence will be sky high as you will also be able to witness the changes as they happen. When you start the process, a few trays will be made for you and each time there is some movement, the tray will be changed, and the next stage will begin. With wire braces, it is only at the end that you see the results and if they are not what you expected, you have wasted several years.
Teeth Whitening
However hard you try to keep your teeth clean and white, there are going to be things that work against you. Tooth whitening has become incredibly popular and when there were surveys carried out by both the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Association of Orthodontists, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth. If your teeth are no longer as white as you would like there are a number of factors that can come into play: –
  • Diet – red wine and coffee will be the major culprits when it comes to teeth losing their whiteness. Although they may not cause any real damage to the tooth, they do cause the whiteness to diminish.
  • Tobacco – nicotine and tar will both work against you. Before long, oxygen will mix with the nicotine and the yellow substance created will attach itself to the teeth.
  • Age – we will all age, and the protective enamel will wear thin. The dentine underneath will start to show through and your teeth suddenly are darker than before.
  • Trauma – when there is a blow to the mouth, dentin becomes more prominent and therefore overtakes enamel leaving the yellowish tint.
  • Medication – antihistamines and blood pressure medication can make teeth darker. Children who need certain anti-biotics when their teeth are forming will find that as they grow, their teeth will be darker than their peers. Radiation treatment and chemotherapy will also be contributing factors, but this will be a small price to pay considering the fact that the teeth can later be whitened.

How Tooth Whitening Works
There is not a lot to tooth whitening once you understand how it is going to work. Mid-town dentistry is going to give your teeth a new lease of life. The product that the dentist will use consists of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. When they are put to work together they can break down the stains of the teeth and as a result, they will look a light brighter. While it is great news that you can have work done to your teeth, the reality is that it will not work for all teeth.For this reason, it is important that you have a pre-treatment meeting with the dentist and discuss all the options. This needs to include the possibility that you are not going to benefit from the teeth whitening process. It is the depth of the stain that can be the issue. If they are yellow teeth that are to be treated, then there is a fair chance that there will be some success. If they are brown, it can be a bridge too far and it will not be possible to get the whiteness back. If the teeth are grey, it will be fruitless to even attempt the treatment as it will not work.Previous cosmetic treatments for the teeth may also prove problematic when whitening is required. There will be little or no difference in the appearance if there are fillings, caps, veneers or crowns present. If it is medication rather than lifestyle that has caused the teeth to look unclean, then again it will not be possible to benefit from tooth whitening.
Whitening Options
During the discussion with the dentist, they should let you know what the choices are when it comes to treatment. You can get a great smile back, but there needs to be a discussion around how to do it.
  • Toothpaste – While all toothpaste will claim that it can whiten teeth, that is just by removing that day’s intake of coffee, red wine or other food and drink that may affect the colour. To get better results, the tube should show the ADA seal that means they will go a step further. Chemical agents will be in them and they will go deeper and remove more of the stain. They will give a brighter smile but cannot dig deep and change the colour as they only work on the surface.
  • In-office whitening – this is a quick and effective process, and you are likely to only have one appointment with the dentist to have it carried out. You will have your teeth coated with a protective gel or give you a rubber shield that will make sure the bleach does not find its way onto the gums. You can only imagine the pain that this will cause. Once the dentist is sure that you are well protected, bleach will be put onto the teeth.
  • At-home bleaching – there is a bleaching agent that is applied to the teeth and this will change the colour of the tooth enamel. A gel is placed into the tray that is provided with the kit, and then it is placed over the teeth. This is not going to be as powerful as the product that the dentist uses and for this reason it will be wrong to expect to get the same results as you would in the surgery.
Before deciding to have the work done at home, you should check that your kit is covered by the ADA and has been passed as safe for use and fit for purpose. Only when you are fully sure it is safe should you start whitening the teeth. There are a range of products and the safety of them should be clearly displayed. As you would imagine, the treatment that is received at the dentist is going to be more effective. It will last longer, and as the dentist is fully trained, they will know how much bleach to use and also how to use it.There can be side effects, and this tends to be around sensitivity afterwards. The cause will be the fact that the bleach has worked its way through the enamel and reached the dentin, which has then been irritated. Usually this is not going to last for long and knowing that it is a short -term pain for long term gain should make it that easier to deal with. If you decide to wait until another day, this should not be a problem. If you have had the treatment a few times, it will be best to check that it is safe to continue with future courses.
Laser Dentistry
A few treatments will benefit from the use of a laser. When used in connection with fillings or a broken tooth, it will make a stronger bond between the filling and tooth. They are not accepted by the ADA, but this has not stopped them becoming more and more prevalent since their introduction in 1994. They also help to deal with tooth decay, as they will remove it from the tooth and make sure that the enamel is in the correct condition for the filling to be placed inside.Bacteria can easily be removed from the area around the gums, as there tends to be some left behind when there has been root canal treatment carried out. They are also important when it comes to checking for cancer. It is a laser that will take away a small piece of skin to be used as a sample for biopsy. Canker sores can be very painful, and a laser will help to relieve this. On a more cosmetic level, they can help with teeth whitening and many are happy to have them used on them, even though they are not covered by the ADA.