Emergency Dental Care and the Emergency Dental Clinic

Needing dental treatment at any time can be a problem, but when there is a specific issue and you need emergency treatment, it can be even worse. As fate will have it, the worst pain seems to occur when the surgeries are closed, and you are left begging for an emergency appointment as soon as the surgery opens. There are now many a Houston dentist who has a surgery that is open 9 am until 9 pm and as there are also same day appointments on offer, it is very likely that you will be seen if you just turn up on the door step.


There are plenty of procedures that can be carried out by uptown dentists including: -

  • Root canal work – this is likely going to need more than the one treatment, but the sooner it starts the better. At the end of each one, an update can be given, and another appointment arranged.
  • Extractions – this will be common ones as well as surgical and wisdom teeth.
  • Repairs – it could be your own teeth or dentures that need to be fixed.
  • Crowns and bridges – the process for having these fitted will be started, and a programme set out for future work to be carried out.
  • Toothache – when there is pain, there will be some sort of treatment carried out right away to ensure that the pain goes away.

On top of the items listed, there are many other procedures that can be looked at by uptown dentists Houston, and lots of problems that can be treated.


It will be important to check out the ways that you can pay for each procedure. Many treatments will be covered by health and dental insurance, but there will be cosmetic issues that you will have to pay for yourself. The options that will apply in many cases will be the same across uptown dentistry practices and include: -

Dental Insurance – you will need to check two things. Firstly, if the treatment is covered by the policy that you have and secondly, do the dentists accept the form of cover you have?

Financing – in some cases it will be specific pre-existing forms of financing that are accepted. Other surgeries will have their own version and you may find that this is the better option for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for the full figures and any interest rates that may apply.

Credit and Debit cards – you will know from your own card how much extra you may be paying if you do not pay off the full amount at the end of the month.

If you need emergency dental treatment, then find an uptown dentist who will fit you in right away. Even if it is during the evening or at weekends, you can be treated, and as so many practices are covered, you will not have to wait.

Examinations and X-Rays

There can be a variety of reasons for pain including cavities, chips, gum infections or abscesses. Often it is only going to be an x-ray that shows the dentist exactly what the problem is as a manual examination could be both painful and futile. If the issues are not treated as a matter of urgency, then the pain will increase as will the cost of treatment when it is eventually carried out. Failure to carry out the treatment altogether will lead to tooth loss and even more pain. Wherever I am staying, I always make sure that a dentist near me is open in case of emergencies. It only takes a little bit of research and can save so much pain and inconvenience that there really is no excuse not to find out who is based where and who offers what.

Root Canal Issues and Cavities

As every tooth has at least one root, every tooth could at some stage need this treatment. Molars can have 4, so you can see that the odds are very much in the favour of problems at some stage. Once the abscess has formed, it needs to be cleaned out. This is the only way for dentists to get rid of the infection and stop the pain. Then it must be filled and topped off – usually it will be a crown so that everything is firmly kept in place.

Rather than infection, these will be caused by decay, and cause more problems for patients than any other form of tooth issues and tooth loss. Early treatment is going to mean less pain and less expense. All this will need is a filling and it will be fixed for some time.

Crowns and Bridges

This is cosmetic in most of cases so will not be covered by insurance and should not need there to be emergency appointments. The only time when it may be covered is when it is prepared to cover a broken tooth. When you are being treated at an uptown dental Houston, you can be sure that the right information will be given, and ideal treatment will be received.

Normally this will be only used when there is a tooth missing, although it can be a way to allow a tooth to be removed and not leave a gap. They can be used for a couple of teeth, but need strong ones at either side of them to hold them in place. Once put in place, they stay in and are not removable in the way that dentures are.

Extractions Including Difficult Extractions

A dentist in Houston will never want to take out a tooth, so if that is what is suggested, then there must not be an alternative. There will always be attempts to save it by carrying out root canal work or placing a crown over it. A gap is harder to deal with and the longer the tooth is there, the longer charges can be made for treating it. Dentists will not use this as a reason for keeping teeth, but when they say it must go you can be sure that it is the only option left.

There will be times when the tooth cannot be reached and there may have to be more than an injection before the tooth can come out. You may have to be put out so that there will be no pain, but the dentist will do all they can to get it out as easily as possible. The same will apply to wisdom teeth, as due to their location they are going to be hard to reach. It will normally be the case that there is nothing wrong with the teeth, just that there are now too many teeth in the mouth, or problems getting the wisdom teeth to come out through the gums. Houston dentistry is set out to provide the best level treatment for the greatest number of people.

Broken Teeth

There will always be something that can damage even the strongest teeth, and when this happens there needs to be emergency treatment. The main reason will be that fact that often nerves will be exposed, and this is going to make eating, drinking or being in the cold very difficult to deal with. Here there will need to be at least a filling and in some cases a crown to cover it all up, and before starting the treatment ask the uptown dentist Houston exactly what they are planning to do.

White Teeth

Even when the teeth are healthy and straight, there is still work that can be done to make them look even better. This is going to be whitening, and treatment can change the colour of the teeth by up to 6 shades even if it takes more than one series of treatment.  It is a procedure that some may consider to be beyond their pockets, but it is possible to get free teeth whitening. Usually it will be as a thank you for joining a new dentist, and it will mean that the dentist is then dealing with bright, white teeth from then on. It is in your interest to have the bright smile and the dentist’s interest to be dealing with clean teeth from then onwards.

Normally you will be told what is causing the teeth to be stained and it will normally be: -

  • Smoking – this will leave a brown tint to the teeth and will not always come away, even when specialist smoker’s toothpaste is used.
  • Food and drink – it will often be coffee and red wine that are the culprits. They will leave a less than white cover to the teeth and it will take a strong substance to work through it and bring back the whiteness.
  • Poor dental hygiene – it could be that there is cheap toothpaste being use, or a toothbrush that will no longer reach the areas it needs to reach and should be replaced. It could even be the fault of the patient if they are lazy when cleaning and miss occasions or do not clean for long enough.

If you are still not fully happy with your smile, you could go for a smile makeover Houston. It will be more than one procedure, and each will work together to turn the smile you have into the smile you want. If all else has failed, then porcelain veneers will be attached, and this will make sure that there is nothing else that you could want to be done.

Once you feel that you have the smile you want, there is the need to keep it, so don’t think that there is no longer the need to visit a dentist in Houston Texas, as you will learn a nasty lesson. It is going to need regular check-ups and on-going treatment to keep it that way. This will be to keep the teeth white – the process you will have been through will be good, but will not last for ever, especially of the old eating, drinking and smoking routine is followed. The gums also need to be treated and to keep them disease free, they will have to be scaled to remove plaque and prevent tartar appearing. If this area is not treated well, gingivitis will appear, and this is when the gums bleed and are prone to infection. At worse, the gums shrink, and the teeth will be left more exposed than they should be. It cannot be emphasised enough that the gums should be looked after as much as the teeth because lack of care can have. Infections can work through gums, bones and soft tissue in the mouth leaving severe problems to contend with. A Houston uptown dentist will be able to catch this if you visit regularly so the issues can be sorted out more quickly, cheaply and lead to less pain.


When all hope of preserving the natural teeth has gone, the only option left will be dentures. They can be produced to fit into the gaps where teeth have been lost, or if need be, can completely replace the teeth. Impressions will be taken of the mouth and many appointments will be needed to make sure that the moulds are right. Once the teeth have been made by your dentist in Houston, they can be used during the day and removed for cleaning at night. If there is damage or breakages, they can be repaired in the same way that natural teeth are.

Taking care of your teeth – real or otherwise – is going to be a lifetime venture. Your parents should start you out on the right track by making sure that you are registered at an uptown Houston dental practice as soon as your teeth come through. The habits that you learn as a child should stay with you for the rest of your life and ensure that the amount of treatment needed is kept to a minimum. This does not mean that you don’t want to wear braces to make your teeth perfectly straight, or get them whitened so that they look like some film stars teeth, but the day to day cleaning should prevent cavities and to a large degree infection. The relationship that you build with your dentist Houston should be one of the longest lasting and most trusting.