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Even if you have perfect teeth for most of your life, there will be times when they can become damaged and you need protection for them. A broken tooth can be painful and if cold air gets in it can become painful. The same applies to when you eat hot or cold food with a damaged tooth. There are a few ways to treat this and the easiest will be with a filling if the tooth has simple damage to it or a small cavity. The problem comes when the cavity is large or the crack and fracture is extensive. It may not be enough to put a filling in it and a crown is needed. There are three different types of dental crown that are widely used: –

  • Metallic dental crowns – these tend to be made from gold or a dental alloy that is white or silver in color. They have a great advantage over other types as they are incredibly strong and will stand up to the daily brushing, eating and minor bumps. Not everyone finds them attractive, however many people do.
  • Ceramic dental crowns – porcelain is the product normally used for theses crowns, although sometimes it will be a dental ceramic designed just for the job. There is the chance that you will get a perfect look, or a very strong crown, but unfortunately it is not possible to get both with the one material. You will have to work out your priorities.
  • Metal fused to porcelain – it is here that it is possible to get the combination of the best features of both substances. The crown will look good and be very strong, so this could be the perfect option for you.

Now that you know what is on offer, you need to discuss the options with your 77027 or 77002 dentist – two easy locations for you. There are advantages and disadvantages with any product used, so you will need to decide what bothers you the least. If there are any specific reasons why the dentist thinks one type may be wrong for you, they will explain it before they start the treatment. The reason why one will be preferred is due to the type of teeth you have. There are ways to decide what will be best and a little research will lead to you getting the perfect crown.

At 77027 or 77002 you will have Options of Dental Crowns

As with many things it can be a personal decision as to what type of crown is inserted in your mouth and with midtown and uptown dentist locations you have a range of options. Finding out about each one will give you a chance to make your decision. The location of the tooth to be crowned will come into play and the choice should be different for a back tooth than it would be for the front.

If you are having a lower second molar or upper molar crowned, then an all metal crown will be best. A porcelain fused to metal one will also be acceptable. The reason for this is the durability rather than the look of the crown. As they will not be seen very often and will be covering teeth that will take a lot of punishment when it comes to chewing they will last a long time. The same will apply to the lower first molars as again their location means that they will not be seen, and the strength is what is important.

It is different when it comes to the upper first molars as PFM will be first choice for them, and lithium disilicate comes second. As these teeth will be seen a lot of the time, the look is going to be important and that is why porcelain is considered a good option, although the need for strength must be taken into account. Bicuspids will benefit most from lithium disilicate and then PFM. Extra strength is not needed when these teeth are used and as they are more visible, the dark line that is present with PFM will stop them being a top choice.

Individual teeth at the top or bottom of the front of the mouth will require all ceramic, but not a synthetic one. It can be difficult to match a covering to the exact shade of the teeth it will be surrounding and if there was a porcelain used that is high strength, it would be hard to get a good match. When it is any of the front teeth that are to be capped, then it should be lithium disilicate used. When a row is being replaced at the one time, it is less of a worry when it comes to matching the color. As the others will not be seen easily, so if the crowns are all the same color, it will be seen as a successful procedure. They will look bright and also have the strength that is needed from teeth in that position.

It is worth remembering that there is not a type of crown that will be deemed to be the best. It can be opinion and circumstances that determine what is chosen. Don’t let the dentist tell you to have one type without explaining why and telling you all about the options. A painful tooth will need to be dealt with right away, but don’t just go for the first option you are given. You will have to live with this for a long time, so make sure that the correct decision is made.

A gold Dental Crowns Houston should always be considered when it is for the back teeth and there is no risk of them chipping or breaking in any way. They are also kind to the teeth opposing them and will not wear them down at all. There are times when a porcelain crown can do that and mean that extra work has to be carried out. The color is the only thing that puts some people off and if you can’t see it or don’t mind the color you will be getting a good strong crown fitted.

If the look of the crown is all important, then it will be a totally porcelain crown that is required. They look good and are also the most natural of them all, and many people will not be aware that you have crowns rather than that they are seeing your natural teeth. This does not however mean that there are no worried when it comes to choosing a porcelain dental crown. They are not as strong as a gold tooth, and due to the work involved in creating them, will be one of the more expensive options. It is likely that you would have to pay in the region of between 10% and 20% more to your dentist in uptown.

The porcelain dental crown does fall short when they are needed for back teeth. It is these that will be doing most of the work when it comes to chewing food, they are at risk from damage. They tend to break when put under too much pressure, and due to their cost, may make them unsuitable for use here. This can lead to dental pain and you will want this dealing with as soon as possible.

For a happy medium, you can go for a porcelain dental crown that has been placed on metal. Known as PFM, these are strong and look very similar to your own teeth. If you are open to compromise, then these have the characteristics that you want. They are strong, and while they will not stand up to all metal dental crowns, they will regularly be the crown of choice when being put in the back of the mouth. They are not as translucent as pure porcelain, they still look attractive and will not draw attention to the fact that you are not displaying just your own teeth. There is however a downside and that will only be discovered once they have been in place for a while. When the gum recedes, it may be possible to see the metal that is underneath the porcelain. This will be quite distressing if it is right at the front of the mouth. It can also be a little harsh on other teeth and can cause some damage to teeth opposite it. There is also the lack of strength to consider. If it does get damaged, there is a risk that part will fall off and it will need to be replaced at a cost.

New Dental Crowns and Costs

As there have been issues – however minor – with existing crowns, research is being carried out to produce a new and improved porcelain metal crown. It is being marketed as the pressed over metal crown and it looks very much like a PFM dental crown. The big advantage is that it is very durable, and the only downside is that due to the fact that it is new, there is not a great deal of date as to how strong and effective it is.

Often an insurance policy will pay some of the cost of a crown and this can be as much as 5% although you have to take into consideration the deductible. With a little help from your dentist 77027, the cost of your treatment should not be a problem as they can work with the insurance company and work out how much will be provided for you and how much of the fee you will have to find yourself. A common list of exclusions includes: –

  • There will not be a replacement paid for if the original is less than 5 years old, so make sure that you do all you can to keep them safe and in one piece.
  • Cosmetic work is not covered at all. If the tooth is damaged and can be a problem, then there will be money forthcoming. If you just want to your teeth to look nicer, then it is up to you to pay for it. If your dentist can make an argument for a medical benefit, then there is the chance that they may be successful.

Crowns are not the only services that you will receive from your dentist, as they will provide braces and laser work.

Invisalign Braces

As with crowns, most people will want braces to be useful but not seen. In the past the only option will have been heavy metal braces that will have been attached to the teeth making it difficult to eat and clean your teeth. When wearing Invisalign 77027 or 77002 braces, this is far from the case as they are not only clear but can be removed when it is time to eat and clean them. As they are removed for food, there is less to clean and getting your teeth straightened is a much more pleasant experience.

Once you have gone through an appointment where moulds have been made, you will have a tray placed in your mouth and sent on your way. There will be a few trays provided, and as the teeth are being gently moved, other trays will be put in place, and they can continue the straightening the teeth. The overall work should take a lot less time than traditional braces and it should not be as stressful when it comes to going out and allowing people to see your mouth.

Laser Dentistry

With laser dentistry, there is less need for any invasive procedures. It tends to be the gums rather than the teeth that will be treated, but as they are important, this is only going to be a good thing. There is less likely to be any infection when this is used, and as the gums will not be cut, there will be no need for stitches. Treatment will cover: –

  • Root canal issues
  • Biopsies
  • Reviving damaged nerves
  • Treating gum disease

Visits to a dentist Midtown and Uptown Houston will be a lot less traumatic than it will have been in the past thanks to all the developments coming through for treatment. Always ask questions if you have concerns and you will soon find you are no longer concerned when you need to make an appointment.


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