Going for Dental Check-ups and What Happens Next

Regardless of how old you are, you will want to have white, straight teeth. Far too many people decide not to bother visiting their dentist Houston area, and sadly it is not long before that becomes obvious. If they did, even the most basic of diseases and infections could be picked up and they really have nothing to lose by making regular appointments. When you visit a Houston dentist, you will be able to get the smile that you want.


Why Make Regular Appointments

As mentioned, a regular appointment could help the dentist Houston Texas pick up the beginning of a disease or infection. When this happens, it will be easier to deal with and it is unlikely to cost as much as if it was left and treatment started later. It could even prevent a problem occurring in the first place. There are several early warning signs that let you know it could be time to visit a Houston uptown dentist, and one of the main ones is the teeth’s reaction to temperature. There will be pain or discomfort when the food or drink is particularly hot or cold. It could be the gums that give the game away. When brushing, they should not bleed and become inflamed, or sometimes it will be just that you are unhappy with the appearance and believe something can be done to make that better. A bright white smile is a sign of good teeth and good oral care.

There can be causes that others will notice before you do. If you find you have a bad taste in your mouth, there could be a further issue – bad breath. This is something that you don’t want to live with and fortunately there will be a cure. If you are pregnant it is a good idea to have extra appointments at one of the uptown dentists Houston. In some States there may be some help towards costs, but in others it will be the case that you use your insurance or if you do not have any, pay the full amount.

Not all dental problems will manifest them in the mouth or involve the teeth. Other areas such as the neck or face may feel pain because of a dental issue. Family history can play a part in your need for a dentist and it should not be considered an old wives tale. Problems can run in families and other issues should be considered. HIV, diabetes and eating disorders all play havoc with the desire for a lovely smile and extra attention needs to be paid to the teeth to keep them.

Other factors that could suggest that you need extra dental care includes a dry mouth, the use of cigarettes, drinking ref wine and coffee, and problems chewing. Pain in the jaw needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, as is discovering a spot in the mouth. You should have a feeling yourself that this will not seem right and if it is there more than a few days, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

Many people make the silly decision to avoid visiting even the best dentist in Houston if they are not having any problems or feeling any pain. Even without pain, there can still be things to look out for – and teeth still need regular professional cleaning and scaling. Prevention is so much better than cure, and your dentist is going to know exactly what to look out for. It is easy to treat your dentist as just a dentist, but many will have knowledge of other issues. They may pick up other health issues because of looking at your teeth, but also if you tell them about changes in your day to day health, they may link your general health and the condition of your teeth, and find something that needs to be dealt with.

During the Check-up

It is unlikely that any two Houston dentists will have exactly the same routine when carrying out a check-up, but it is just as likely that they will cover the same areas in their own way. You will begin by answering questions about the recent treatment you have had and then examine your mouth. This should allow them to determine if they need more information. If they do, then it will result in an x-ray, followed by a thorough check of the gums. This is just as important as checking teeth.

An uptown dentist now checks more than the basics and on occasions there will be a check for oral cancer carried out. This will include checks of the neck and jaw as this is the area that can be affected. It is for the listed reasons that it is so important that regular visits are made. The trouble is, learning how often you need to visit the dentist or orthodontist.

The reality is that there is not really a set timescale for times a dentist Houston will want to see you just to have the teeth checked. For some people there will only need to be a few visits a year – every six months will be the way to book appointments. Others may find that is not enough and to keep the smile you want you will have to put in a lot more effort.

Once you have had your teeth cleaned, the check-up will start in earnest. A metal probe will be used to check each tooth individually and a mirror will be added to allow access to the parts of the tooth that cannot be normally seen. Checks will be made with regards, to how well the teeth fit together and if there are any issues with the jaw or if you grind your teeth.

For the examination you will need to have your mouth open for a long time and this can cause a problem with excess saliva. Try to swallow this gently and without disturbing the examination, but if not tell the dentist you may need to have a few seconds break from time to time. The same applies to your gag reflex. This can be more difficult to deal with, as if there is an extreme reaction it can lead you to ruining the x-ray that was being taken, or in a worst-case scenario, you bite your Houston dentist.

There are ways around this and while they would normally be reserved for more serious procedures. Hypnosis can be tried, although this could delay the check-up and would likely cost a lot more. Something that makes you relax would be more appropriate and this could be acupuncture, but again this is going to add to the time and cost. In many cases, the uptown dentist will use the normal method of gas, or if you have problems with this as well, you could have an injection in the arm which will put you out. As there is always a small element of risk with this, many a dentist Houston will not want to take the unnecessary risk.

Choosing a Dentist

There are bound to be certain things that you are looking for in a dentist. Often it will be location, whether they have a good reputation when treating children, and of course there will be the fees surrounding both check-ups and treatment. Researching online for local dentists will be a good place to start, but also you can ask family and friends. They are bound to be as open and honest as anyone, and will point you in the right direction. Other health care providers may also be prepared to make a recommendation. Your doctor or pharmacist will have had dealings with some, so should give advice, even if it is a lot more tactful or non-committal that others. If you are moving address, one uptown dentist may be prepared to recommend another uptown dentist Houston. In the end it could be the actual services that will help you decide on your new dentist.

  • Can you manage to get to them during their opening hours?
  • Are they easy to get to, or will it take a lot of travelling and then find there is little in the way of parking?
  • Would you be happy being treated there? Dirty floors and staff looking unkempt is not going to make you want to register.
  • Where you able to speak to the dentist, and where they able to explain all about their services and charges? Are they prepared to give you advice that may help keep your teeth healthy and ultimately mean you do not have to visit them as often?
  • Can they deal with emergencies? This could be the most important factor. Most surgeries can deal with day to day health issues, but it is the dentist who can cope with an emergency that is worth registering with.
  • Check their credentials. This will cover things such as membership of the ADA and proof of their qualifications.

A dentist in Houston is going to do a lot of business if they can offer a variety of services. There are certain things that will be their bread and butter - check up and fillings as most people will have them a lot in their lifetime. Looking after the gums is also going to bring in business, but it is the likes of teeth whitening and fitting braces. Some dentists can bring in new customers by offering free teeth whitening, and once that has been done, they will have a customer for all the other treatments that are eventually needed.

Teeth Whitening

Even when the uptown dentist is not charging for the treatment, you still want to know what is involved and what you will be expected to do for yourself. Firstly, it is perfectly safe to have this done. Any stories you have heard of things going wrong, will not have been at the hands of any of the uptown dentists you may know of. The first thing should be the interview and it is here that the dentist can ask all they need to know about you, and in turn, you can ask anything you are unsure of. There will be a chart that shows the shade your teeth are now, and the shade that the uptown dentist Houston thinks they can achieve.

As this can be a tricky procedure, you should only have it carried out by someone trained and qualified to do it. There will not be a change to the shape or makeup of the tooth – all that will happen is that the stains that have built up over the years will be removed. The correct products will be used, and you will end up looking so much happier and have a much better smile than before.

Hearing that bleach will be put on your teeth can be a little concerning, but it will be the correct concentration so there is nothing to worry about. It will be applied to the teeth via a specially manufactured tray that has been made to fit your teeth perfectly. It is very unlikely that it will be a one-off visit, but your dentist Houston TX should be able to advise how many treatments it will take. The older you are, the more likely it is that the teeth will darker and need additional treatments. There may be a little discomfort during the process, but there should not be any pain afterwards. If there is pain, it will be best to contact the uptown dentistry specialist who carried the work out.

Whatever state your teeth are in, it is likely that by undergoing uptown dental Houston you will see an improvement. At one time, extraction and removable dentures may have been the only choice, but with so many modern updates, a lot can be achieved from a low base. Even so, it will be better not to have to get to the stage of needing a lot of work, so go for your check-ups and keep your smile perfect.