Dentist 77002 | Home Care Tips for a Natural Dentistry and Organic Holistic Dentistry Approach to your Dental Health

At URBN Dental we are utilizing techniques and methods to provide the most natural and non-toxic care possible. We are concerned not only with your smile, but the whole-body connection as well. By focusing on being a mercury free dental office, bpa free dental office, and with a more holistic dental approach we feel we are doing more good for the human body. We at URBN Dental care about your teeth and your general well-being and by using natural methods we can not only help your oral health, but your overall wellbeing as well. Medicine is a multi-factorial field that embodies more than just one simple matter. We define health in the physical, emotion, and spiritual wellbeing and all can affect our immune system which is the most integral aspect in fighting disease or infections. At URBN Dental our comprehensive exams will evaluate all the necessary facets to make sure your health is at its best. By applying methods, materials, techniques and treatments to deliver the least negative impact to the mouth and the rest of your body. At URBN Dental we are mercury safe, bpa (bis phenol A) free, use digitized x-rays (90% reduction in radiation), use lead vest and thyroid shield before any x-rays are taken, periodontal screening are done routinely at each comprehensive dental exam, blood pressure screening done routinely, oral cancer screening regularly, TMJ condition exam often, and nutritional recommendations for your improved oral health. At URBN Dental we do as much as possible to insure your safety and comfort in our healthy environment. Dental care and Nutrition The mouth is the natural gateway to your body. By having a proper nutritional based diet, you can support not only a healthy body, but also healthy teeth, gums, and sustaining jaw bone. Our goal is to not only encourage healthy oral habits, but to support overall health as well. As part of the dental field we always advise to try to stay away from sugary foods and sticky foods in a way to decrease the risk of tooth decay. By encouraging more water intake and flushing the mouth out after ingestion of these types of foods you can really make a tremendous impact in our overall health, even at the microscopic level in the mouth. At URBN Dental comprehensive dental exams will be able to evaluate if your mouth has sins of infection and inflammation, excess in acid trauma, or even dehydration. In coordination with diet the balance in foods is pivotal for it is the reason your body can heal and have a strong immune system. After every dental treatment there is a healing time and a strong immune system means that the recovery time will be faster. When our bodies have a decrease in health or diet this could bring about more infections and slower healing time. At URBN Dental we are here to help as much as we can to ensure you keep your oral health top notch and your overall health in the same regard. We provide nutritional counseling if needed to help promote healing and to strengthen the immune system to decrease further oral health issues. Healthy fun tips to promote natural oral hygiene health and overall well-being: 1) Minty tasty for oral hygiene dental health recipe – Try making a water mint or lemon health beverage, by using fresh mint leaves or freshly squeezed lemon juice in mineral water. Measure to the taste and cheers! You will be surprised how refreshing, thirst quenching, and mouth cleaning power the natural herbs and fruit can have if you drink this regulary. Not only will this help with bad breath but digestion too! More water with fresh natural accents can make a big positive difference! Lemon or mint power all the way! 2) Probiotic help for the mouth and the body – Majority of bad breath can stem from poor oral hygiene, but can also stem from poor digestion too. By focusing on fermented foods, one can notice the powers of probiotics and a healthy bodily system! Even when recovering from medicine from post op pain or infection probiotics like yogurt, preferably organic, can recover the strength of the body and revitalize a healthy system making you feel back to normal. Symptoms of acid reflux is an example of poor digestion and can be noticed in the oral environment as well. At URBN Dental we can help diagnose this and make simple recommendations that can make a positive impact on your life! 3) Spice can be nice – simple organic foods and natural foods can make a great change in your body. By choosing for example aromatic spices can give your mouth a sense of freshness. Ever try Indian food that has cardamom or fennel? Or foods containing clove? This simple flavorful spice has properties of antimicrobial effects that can help freshen your breath! Trying these in your new recipes or even chewing these aromatic spices and give the mouth a natural health boost! 4) Nutritional choices – fats or carbs? – There are so many diets out there but it is always good to be mindful of what you eat and how it can affect you. For example, with fats, the body has a tough time digesting these that can lead to a lot of undesirable effects such as bad breath. The fatty foods are broken down in the body and lean to a lot of byproducts called ketones. As this byproduct sits in your body it can lead to bad breath that can sit in the throat and tongue leading to dental issues as well. The same can be said for sugary foods that can sit on your teeth leading to decay and rotting scent as well. Another reason to pass the natural foods and not too much the heavy processed ones! 5) Natural flossing – eating more crispy fruit or vegetables that have high fiber content are not only an advantage for your health but the hard consistency for example c¬elery, carrots, and pears can act as a natural floss to aid in going in between teeth to help remove bacteria that can cause issues. 6) More water for your oral hygiene health – dehydration can cause a lot of detrimental issues that can directly affect the oral environment. Water is a natural lubricator that can help rinse your mouth clean of bacteria and also keep harmful bacteria away from causing cavities or bad breath. Beverages including sport drinks and sodas not only have acids in them to help with preservatives, but also sugars that feed the bacteria that can be harmful for enamel and ultimately cause dental pain and cavities. All-natural water paired with natural saliva is the bodies built in defense mechanism that can reduce bad bacteria in your mouth from causing more damage. The natural enzymes in saliva is a natural remedy to regulate the mouth and by introducing more water in the diet the system is controlled and balanced leading to greater stabilization of your oral health. By drinking more water daily, you are not only improving your bodily health, but also your oral health increasing and your beautiful smile! 7) A bit less coffee – considering coffee has high levels of acid in the beverage it can lead to staining and discoloring of teeth and also bad breath! By drinking more drinks that have a balanced pH, like water, it will lessen the discoloring of your teeth and bring about a healthier overall system. 8) Choose sugarless gum with xylitol – the action of gum chewing can reduce bacteria in the mouth and help fight tooth surface staining. By increasing natural saliva flow, one can remove surface bacteria on the tongue and teeth creating less bad breath. The sweeter xylitol has also an antibacterial component that can help fight cavity forming bacteria. 9) Natural mouth rinse – as simple as it sounds a natural organic mouth rinse can be as simple as a warm salt water gargle! The use of salt as a natural detoxifying remedy as a rinse can eliminate odor bacteria from congregating and causing bad breath. Not only does it help bad breath, but also quickens healing time after dental trauma, post op treatment, and normal chewing accidents. If you notice a cut in your mouth after you eat a sharp chip, or your metal braces get caught on your inner cheek, or notice a mouth sore – warm salt water rinsing will help disinfect and help heal and soothe these areas so you feel better. 10)) Visit your dentist with regular dental exams – if you still have symptoms of bad breath, dental pain, and/or dry mouth you could be dealing with more serious issues and we at URBN Dental can help. Being sure you keep with regular brushing twice a day, flossing daily, using mouth rinse, getting periodic teeth cleanings, and being sure infections in the mouth and teeth are taken care of will not only make you feel good but will keep the body as a whole healthier. URBN Dental is here to offer natural and also holistic methods that can help your dental oral hygiene. We are here for you and if any dental questions arise please call our URBN Dental Uptown office at (713)-714-4245 or the URBN Dental Midtown office at (281)-783-3227, whichever office is easier for you! All questions are welcome and your experience is our top concern. If you have any questions about any natural and organic dental methods to maintain that beautiful smile & freshen your breath let us know we are here for you to offer quality and personal dental care for you. 

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