Houston Dentists | Make Sure You Have a Dental Abscess Properly Treated

Having a dental abscess can be painful and needs to be treated quickly. It is pus that has gathered in the mouth, and is the result of a bacterial infection. There are 2 types – periapical if it is connected to the tooth and periodontal when it is in the gum. Regardless of where the abscess is and whether it is causing any pain, a dentist will need to deal with it. When one flares up it will be best to go to the closest dentist office that will accept you.The infection can spread around the body, and for this reason alone, should be treated as a tooth abscess emergency. The symptoms are: –
  • Pain – usually throbbing
  • Pain that attacks the entire area
  • Lack of sleep due to the pain
  • A tooth that becomes loose and hurts a lot.
  • Swollen face and gums
  • Heat sensitivity
  • Bad taste in the mouth along with bad breath.

What Should You Do?

If you believe that you are suffering from an emergency dental abscess, then you should get in touch with a dental care centre as soon as possible. Some people choose to go to the doctors instead, as they associate infection more with a GP than a dentist. Your own dentist will be the best first choice, yet if you are not able to make an appointment, try to get an out of hours one, or even turn up at A and E.  A and E may be able to help with antibiotics for the infection, but will be less suited for the actual treatment. It will take a specialist dentist to cure this.

Symptom Relieve

Painkillers will certainly be your friend while you are waiting to see the specialist. Something such as Ibuprofen can make such a difference to the way you feel. Aspirin is another tablet that brings fast relief, although it must be remembered that they are not suitable to children and should only be administered when a patient is over 16.I always make sure that I keep the details and contact address of emergency dentist services near me. They will give good advice even before an appointment has been made and that will include: –
  • Make sure all drinks are warm – hot and cold will be a problem.
  • Try not to bite down on food using the tooth that has the abscess.
  • Don’t floss and use the softest toothbrush you can find.
It will be best to follow the advice, but don’t think that it will mean you do not have to see the dentist. That will only keep the worst of the pain at bay until the dentist can look at the teeth.


The only way to treat the abscess is to take away the infection and work towards removing the infection. Once the source has been located, the pus can be drained away, the final stages need to be put into place.Where this is possible, it is going to be root canal treatment that will be implemented. It is accepted that this is not always the way to go. An extraction is also a likely suggestion, but this is known by the professionals as the treatment they least once to perform.  An emergency dentist 77207 will be just what is needed. They will understand all the work that has to be done to make root canal surgery the right choice, and have you pain free before you know it.  The tooth will be removed at an emergency dental office and then the hole will be sealed. This reduces the chance of infection and the whole sorry process starting again.The alternativesIf root canal is discounted, then there will still be the need to remove the pus as soon as possible. This is far from being the perfect solution and will only be a stop gap until further treatment clear site for good. Having a dentist close by is going to benefit you greatly as they will be more than happy for you to call in when you require treating. Making excuses not to go – and many people will use the distance to be travelled as an excuse – will not do you any good, and will lead to you having poor dental hygiene in the long run.

What will be done?

It is going to mean undergoing a local anesthetic as you could not bear the pain of this treatment of your mouth was not numb. It is because of the standard of treatment you need, that you must make sure that you choose a good dentist. It can be tempting to select a cheap dental clinic, but you could suffer once the anesthetic wears off. You get what you pay for and if you don’t have a lot of options at the beginning, make sure that the cheaper dentists only carry out the start of the treatment and are not allowed to do the more intricate sections. Many dentists will want to put you under before they do the work, and may prescribe antibiotics after treatment to make sure the last of the infection is gone. If you feel that you had a severe infection, it will be worth asking for antibiotics as it is best to be safe than sorry.


When you are at the dentists, they will be able to give you advice about preventing abscess. Everyone has bacteria in their mouths and it can leave plaque on the teeth. Unclean teeth can lead to the infection starting. Things can become worse because of: –
  • Not cleaning teeth properly – don’t just brush, floss as well and use an interdental brush.
  • Try not to eat too much sugary food – this can lead to decay
  • If a tooth has been damaged have it checked regularly
  • If you have any illnesses, remember that you could have a weak immune system and are at risk.
  • Have regular dental appointments even when you don’t appear to have an infection.

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