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Perhaps you have been delaying your visit to a dentist because you are on a budget and your dental problem keeps deteriorating. If you don’t take action quickly, your case may worsen and you may have to go through a complicated process. Here are ways to get a cheap dental clinic so that you don’t keep postponing your treatment.


Hospital Emergency Room


An emergency room is an example of a cheap dental clinic you can take advantage of. You can check in to an emergency room near you if you have an aching tooth. You may be given antibiotics and pain relievers that will make you feel better. If there is a dentist in the emergency room, you can get your tooth removed there. However, it is important for you to note that you won’t get a comprehensive dental treatment at an emergency room but it is better to pay a visit than leave your condition to deteriorate. If possible, you can go to an emergency room that is affiliated with a community dental clinic.


Community Dental Clinic


Another example of a cheap dental clinic is the community dental clinic and these clinics can be found in all states. They offer low-cost or no-cost dental services and many of them are located in the cities, particularly cities that have dental schools, hence, if you live in a rural area, you may need to travel down to the city. You can check out your community hospital to find out if there is a dental clinic in place.


Dental School Clinic


A dental school clinic can also be a cheap dental clinic. Dental schools provide on-the-job training for dental students and in order to teach these students, they need patients. They offer cheap services in order to attract patients but you may spend more time on the dental chair because student dentists work under the guidance of licensed dentists and each student’s work must be properly checked. In addition, you may need to visit the hospitals so many times to fulfill your treatment schedule because there may be so many patients to attend to and the time given to each patient is always extended in order to accommodate the students. It is better to take advantage of a dental school clinic instead of allowing your dental condition to worsen.


Dental Care Accessibility Organizations


Some organizations can actually assist you to get a cheap dental clinic. One of them is the United Way which is a community-based alliance of philanthropic organizations. Another body is the Dentistry From The Heart which organizes free dental services from time to time in order to assist those who cannot afford them. The Mission of Mercy also provides free dental services to those with no or inadequate dental insurance coverage in the states of Maryland, Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania


Clinical Trials


A federal government’s National Institute of Health, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), carries out clinical trials from time to time and requires specific volunteers for the studies. Usually, they make use of volunteers with certain dental and craniofacial problems to take part in the clinical studies. Volunteers may be given limited free or cheap dental care relating to the specific condition being studied. Some other universities and organizations conduct clinical trials from time to time and it is advisable for you to take advantage of any of these trials in order to get a cheap service. However, it is very important for you to know that the kind of treatment you will get is usually related to the nature of the study being carried out.


Free or Low-Cost Dental Providers


A lot of dentists offer dental services to those with no insurance on a sliding scale, that is, in line with their income. You can contact the dental association in your state to get information about dentists that provide sliding scale dental services. If you cannot afford or find a sliding scale dentist, you may be eligible for free services which is strictly for low-income earners.


Online Coupons


You can go online to search for coupons giving discounts on dental services. You may be lucky to find deals that will reduce your dental expenses considerably. This can be a great option for you especially if you do not have insurance cover.


Check for Discounts


A lot of dentists are aware that some people don’t have dental insurance and they are willing to help. You can speak with your dentist explaining your financial situations and you may work out something for you. You can also take advantage of the slow business period to negotiate your way to dental discounts. If you have a good negotiation skill, you will be able to get the best deal.


Pay in Advance


If you can pay your dental bill in advance, there is every possibility that you will get a discount. A lot of dentists like upfront payments. They may give you at least 5% regularly if you usually pay your bill in advance.


Look For a Part-Time Job With Dental Benefits


Even though a lot of jobs require your full-time attention in order to get insurance benefits, there are some jobs that are a bit flexible. You can get a part-time job that comes with medical insurance benefits. However, you may need to meet the minimum monthly hours of work required to benefit from the insurance.


Offer to Barter Services


If you have a special skill, you can barter it for a free dental care. Some dentists practicing on their own may need the services of those who will help them boost the image of their businesses so that they can run successfully. For instance, you may be a web developer, marketing consultant, graphic designer or qualified accountant. Why not use your skill to get a free or low-cost dental treatment.


On a Final Note


Getting a cheap dental clinic will save you a lot of money. But it is essential for you to take your dental hygiene very seriously. Even though some dental problems are inevitable, a good dental hygiene will ensure that the problems are easily treated.


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