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How to floss your teeth


A pretty smile doesn’t only enhances your beauty, but also helps to grab attention. But, this will be impossible if you don’t floss your teeth regularly.

Are you ready to transform your smile?

How To Floss Your Teeth

A pretty smile doesn’t only enhance your beauty, but also helps to grab attention. But, this will be impossible if you do not floss your teeth regularly. Imagine how embarrassing it could be to smile and a stranger signals you that there are some food particles on your teeth. Brushing your teeth doesn’t guarantee that your teeth will be free of plaque and food particles. In addition to brushing, flossing should also be a critical part of your daily dental cleaning routine.

When it comes to your dental health, you should not take chances. You should always keep your teeth and gum clean and healthy to prevent cavities and gum disease. And the amazing fact is that something simple like a string can help to keep your mouth free of food particles. Probably you may have heard or seen ‘Floss regularly’: A common statement all over the internet and at any dentist clinic. However, have baked information on the net doesn’t guide you on how you should floss your teeth, but today we are going to discuss everything you should know about flossing.

What is dental floss? This might be one of the questions lingering in your mind! This is a soft thread used to clean between the teeth by removing food particles and plaque that a toothbrush can’t reach. The thread is usually made of silk or other similar materials.

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Why do you need to floss your teeth?

Sometimes, food particles, plague, and bacteria may stuck between your teeth. The particles may be in a place a toothbrush can’t reach. This is where dental floss comes in. You might not feel the food particles, but believe me, every time you eat food particles will definitely get stuck between the teeth. If you just brush regularly without flossing, some unreachable food particles may form plaque. Once the plague build-up, you will be more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Sometimes, tartar can build-up beneath you gums, and if you don’t floss, the tartar will causes gingivitis a condition that can lead to severe periodontal disease.

When food particles get stuck between the teeth or trapped in the gum line, one may experience bad odor, especially if there is presence of bacteria in the food debris. Flossing can also help to prevent bad breath.

Not only does flossing prevent some dental problems like cavities and gum disease, but also enhances your dental appearance as well as your smile. The first step to good oral hygiene is flossing regularly.

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Who is more susceptible to needing dental floss?

Everyone is more susceptible to needing dental floss. This is a must do procedure in caring for your dental health. As long you have teeth, you will need to floss them regularly to prevent plague from building up. You might assume because you brush regularly, you don’t need to floss, but you are wrong. No matter how powerful your toothbrush is, there are places in between the teeth it can’t reach. If you don’t floss, the food particles and plague will irritate your gum tissues and make your gum more sensitive to extreme temperatures.

When it comes to flossing, most people regard it as just an optional oral health habit. However, it should be complementary. In addition to brushing, you should floss at least twice a day. No matter how well you brush your teeth, you are still in danger of microorganisms and bacteria, because there are some places that a brush will not access.


How do you treat a patient using dental floss?

Flossing regularly is the key to a pretty smile and great dental appearance. The first step to removing the particles between your teeth is finding the right dental floss. There are waxed and unwaxed types of dental floss, and some may be flavored while others aren’t. Is up to you to select the best floss as per your taste and preference, but you should also check whether the floss has been approved by the dental association. If the floss has the state dental association seal, it means it is effective and safe to use.

Some people have large spaces between the teeth, while others the teeth are closely together.  A flat, wide dental tape can produce good results when used on spaced teeth, but for teeth that are very close, only thin floss can produce better results.

To floss your teeth properly, 15 to18 inches of floss will be required. Wrap most of the floss around your index or middle figure, then guide the floss between your teeth using the index or middle figure of your other hand.

Slide the floss between the teeth as you move back and forth. During the flossing process, the floss should make a curve (C). You should start from the gum-line and end with the top of the tooth in question. For the floss to remove even the particles that are in hiding, you will have to work down the gum-line. This will ensure all the particles, plaque, and bacteria are removed. On each tooth, you should use a fresh section of the dental floss.

If you are a beginner or is a long time since your last floss, chances are your gums will bleed. However, don’t worry as this will stop with a regularly routine. Finally, you should always floss the front and back of the teeth.


What are the symptoms of someone who needs a dental floss?

Do you feel food particles stuck between your teeth? This is one of the symptoms that you need a dental floss. However, you may or may not feel the food particles. As discussed above dental floss can also be used to remove bacteria and plaque between your teeth. You don’t have to check any symptoms or signs for you to floss your teeth. As long as you have teeth, flossing should be a regular practice. In fact, flossing should be a must do practices as part of maintaining your dental health.  It helps to keep your teeth clean and free of harmful bacteria.

Trisha Hinojosa
Trisha Hinojosa
18:30 07 Oct 18
Very friendly staff who put up with my inane sense of humor. The entire team team spoke with me 1:1, including: Dental assistants, hygienist, dentist, and insurance admin (explained everything to me in detail including how my insurance works). They explained my x-rays to me, the effects of flossing correctly / incorrectly. I feel like they gave me the education I didn't get as a child on how to care for my mouth, and why it's important. I was doing good stuff for my oral health-- just not correctly or with a positive attitude. GREAT aftercare package.
Ji H Oh
Ji H Oh
15:19 22 Sep 18
I am usually scared of going to the dentist for my annual cleaning but I was completely blown away by the amazing customer service from the staff. Julia was extremely helpful and explained my dental coverage and out of pocket costs. Angela did an exceptional job explaining to me about the importance of dental hygiene and actually taught me how to floss properly. The office was extremely clean and upscale. Dr. Bridget was very sweet and great bedside manners. She explained everything about the treatment plan in a very thorough and concise manner. I was extremely impressed by everyone on the office and I cant wait to come back for my next appointment.
Joshua Parra
Joshua Parra
02:17 14 Sep 18
From start to finish great experience. Impeccably clean office, high tech tools, & friendly staff. Went to get my top teeth contoured/shaped. They did a Hollywood star job! I now, have a flawless smile. I even went back the next day for a touch-up on one tooth & they took care of it, graciously. If you want quality cosmetic dentistry inside the loop; look no further. These folks are the best in class.
Death Morgulis
Death Morgulis
16:23 12 Sep 18
Great place for all your dental needs. Very inviting and friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. I've been looking for a good dentist for awhile while neglecting my oral health, but now I think I've found my place. 10/10 would come back for a follow-up appointment.
Bianca Anderson
Bianca Anderson
17:05 05 Sep 18
Very friendly staff. The hygienist's were so knowledgeable and really took the time to teach you about your teeth, they gave my husband and I "homework" to improve our oral health. Love it! Angela was great, great sense of humor (made me laugh a lot) and very professional. Awesome job Nicole, very friendly and took the time to answer all the questions we had (love she was recommending eateries for hubby to take me :). Julia was great at the front counter very lively and knowledgeable as well. They all really took the time and customized everything for us. Able to get free electric toothbrushes but didn't have any in stock.
Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell
19:53 20 Jun 18
Excellent service. Great first impression! Best cleaning I've had in several years, my mouth feels amazing. They even took the time to show me how to brush more effectively. My teeth are back to being pearly white. They were very knowledgeable in regards to my insurance and I've had no issues. The service there is impeccable!
Allie Hackett
Allie Hackett
18:47 19 Jun 18
I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, however this was the BEST dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and I got everything I needed done in one visit! They provided super helpful insight about what was going on with my teeth and took care of everything I needed quickly. I will absolutely be returning! 🙂
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea
17:15 20 May 18
Love the location, the dentist AND the staff. Everyone there is awesome. It's rare that I leave a dentist office feeling just as good as when I arrive. I was sad I didn't get to see Snickers, but all in all I had a great experience my first time here. Glad to finally have a new "home" dentist since moving to Texas.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
14:17 10 May 18
Beautiful location and office. Very friendly and welcoming staff! I had a great time conversing with them about movies and music. Dr. Nguyen and his staff were very knowledgeable and stressed the importance of making sure the patient knew what their game plan was. The office is very high tech as well so it was super cool to know that I was getting the latest tech being use on me.
Nonna Beetge
Nonna Beetge
14:21 24 Apr 18
The staff is wonderful, very friendly and informative. I love how they not only take X-rays, but also photos of all your teeth and put them on the big screen. They spent as much time as I needed to go over each area and explain specifics of each tooth. I definitely have a greater understanding of what is going on in there and what I need to do. I also love their space, it has a calming vibe with all kinds of artwork on display. You almost feel like you’re not at the dentist! Thank you all so much, I look forward to seeing you all again! (Said no one to their dentist 😉 )
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