How To Treat Bad Breath | Main Causes of Bad Breath and The Best Solution for Victims

Main Causes of Bad Breath and The Best Solution for Victims One thing you can do in a dental office Houston is to have your breath freshened. If you suffer from bad breath (halitosis), you know how embarrassing the condition can be. Halitosis makes people self-conscious when they are in public places. The problem can affect children and adults, as the bacteria responsible for it can proliferate in any mouth. Any person with bad breath should visit a dentist in uptown at once. But why do you have bad breath? There are countless men and women who don’t understand why they have halitosis. According to studies, halitosis is caused by bacterial waste in the nose, mouth or stomach. When this waste comes into contact with the air, the result is bad breath. Some people’s nasal passage has a genetic abnormality that obstructs mucus flow. Furthermore, bacteria that trigger sinuses inflammation, allergies and post-nasal drip may flow from the nose to the back of the tongue. It may get stuck there because of abnormal flow of saliva or poor oral hygiene and promote bad breath. Moreover, the bacteria that live between our teeth and on gums are known to cause tooth decay, periodontics and halitosis. The only great way to discover what’s causing your bad breath is to get in touch with one of the top dentists in houston texas. How serious can bad breath get? Perhaps you think you have the worst case of halitosis; but, that’s not true. The only way to know if you have very severe bad breath is to get examined by the leading dentists Houston texas has. According to biologists who study bacteria, there are numerous types of bacteria that cause halitosis. That’s why this condition can presents itself in various unpleasant odors, including:
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Corpse-like smell
  • Putrescine or smell of decayed meat
  • Smell of smelly feet
  • Smell of feces.
We can all agree that none of the aforementioned smells are tolerable and so seeking help from a professional dentist is the only way out. As you plan to see a doctor, however, examine your current lifestyle to see if you are triggering bad breath. You are more susceptible to halitosis if you:
  • Neglect brushing and flossing your teeth
  • Have dentures or braces in your mouth
  • Smoke cigarettes as they are known to cause a gum disease that leads to bad breath
  • Have impacted teeth, cavities, periodontal disease, diabetes, kidney disorders, sinusitis, bronchitis, xerostomia, allergies, abscessed tooth or post-nasal drip.
  • Drink alcohol or use certain drugs (like cardiac drugs, psychiatric drugs, blood pressure drugs, antihistamines) that block saliva flow.
  • Eat food like garlic and drink beverages like soda and coffee.

How to cure bad breath

It goes without saying that the best solution is provided by Houston dental offices. Ensure that you take your problem to one of the top dentists in Houston and it will be investigated. If the problem is being caused by an underlying disease, your houstons dentist will refer you to the relevant specialist. If it is being caused by something they can control, they will take instant action immediately.  

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