Improve the symmetry and profile of your face and smile with Dentures

Have you lost your teeth? A few missing teeth are enough to ruin your smile every single day. Besides having chewing difficulties, your voice can change once you lose your teeth. That’s why you need an emergency dentures dentist. A denture is a tailored dental appliance that is designed to replace a person’s lost teeth. It looks just like your natural teeth and gums. A denture is all you require to restore your oral functions and smile. Depending on the number of teeth you’ve lost, you can have a partial or full denture installed. With the later, you can choose it if your entire mouth is toothless. On the other hand, you can have a partial denture professionally placed to replace a few missing teeth. To learn more about dentures, continue reading this article.

Dentures after a tooth extraction surgery or a traumatic loss

The only way to have dentures placed is to have a toothless mouth or partially toothless mouth. If you have recently had a few teeth removed or lost some accidentally, you make a great dentures’ placement candidate. A great 77027 dentist can examine your tooth sockets and determine if they are ready for dentures. A tooth socket needs to heal and fill in with bone and gum tissue before it can be disturbed again. This healing process can take a few months and as soon as your gums and bone have the right shape, you should call one of the top dentists in Texas.

After this period, a full denture can be made by first taking a string of molds of your oral tissues. These tissues must be fit enough to support your new denture.  Next, your Houston dentist will take the collected molds to the lab where he or she will use them to create models of your mouth. After this, the oral specialist or lab technician will build your dentures on these models and place them in your mouth. At the same time, they will aim to achieve a proper fit, establish a proper bite and improve the aesthetic value of your denture. The entire treatment can take four to five weeks and each week you would need to see your smile makeover Houston specialist. After the denture is complete and placed, you must go back to your dentist’s office to have him or her adjust it.

Same day dentures

If you want to retain your smile the same day your tooth is removed or knocked out, a great emergency dentist 77027 can help. He or she will make a denture you can wear immediately after the loss of teeth. If you have lost all your teeth, your oral specialist might leave your front denture until he or she completes your final denture. This sort of denture is called an immediate denture and it is a temporary appliance. It can stay in place until you receive your conventional denture. This can take several weeks, since your dentist in Houston has to give your gums and bone adequate time to heal.

Commonly known dentures

As we hinted earlier, you can get either a complete or a partial denture. This is the main classification of dentures. To help you understand the difference, here are brief explanations.

  • Complete dentures – These are plastic base oral appliances that are often colored to look like the natural gum tissue. This plastic base supports a full set of porcelain or plastic teeth. A complete denture of the conventional nature is attached to the gums via a seal, and it is removable. Sometimes it is attached to the dental implants via a surgical process. This type is more permanent and reliable.
  • Partial dentures – These often have a metallic framework or plastic base consisting of the number of teeth you want to replace. To hold it in the mouth, any dentist in Houston Texas will use clasps and rests that are cautiously adapted around your natural teeth. Some people use plastic partial dentures in an emergency situation or as a temporary replacement of a missing tooth. This is fine because it allows their gums and bone to heal prior to getting a perfect restorative solution.

Are there denture alternatives?

If you are looking to replace your missing teeth without dentures, you can choose either dental implants or bridges. A bridge places crowns on the teeth next to the gap and then attaches a fake tooth to the two crowns. Further, you can select bridges made of porcelain fused to gold, gold, zirconium or porcelain.  Bridges are only usable when there are two to three successive missing teeth. A bridge tends to create a more permanent type of denture because of being cemented in place.

 If you cannot get a bridge placed, you can have a dental implant metal post inserted into the upper or lower jaw bone. The post acts as a root to which a crown is attached. A bridge can also be attached to several implant posts. As they simulate natural teeth better, implants are more permanent solutions. Unfortunately, implants are more expensive denture alternatives.

How will dentures change your life?

I asked a dentist near me this question and the following are the answers I got. First, dentures are designed to bring back your lost glory in the form of a beautiful smile. As they are almost undetectable, dentures are great solutions when you’ve lost your teeth. However, they can be such a pain the first time you wear them. As they must be inserted and taken out, dentures can make your gums ache a bit. This is not a big deal though, as you can go back to your dentist in Houston and have them adjust the parts of the denture that hurt your gums.

Eating with your dentures on also requires trying and practicing until you get it right. That’s why eating soft food, chewing food uniformly on each side of your mouth and introducing hard food gently, is advisable. Sticky or tough foods should be avoided until you get used to your new dentures. Luckily, you will fall for your denture once your tongue and cheeks are able to keep it in place. When it comes to speaking, you will notice that you have a difficulty at first.

But if you keep practicing, you will speak with ease eventually. What about yawning or laughing? One thing you can be sure of is that your denture will be moved when you try to yawn or laugh for the first time. Nevertheless, the problem will disappear over time. If it continues, this should be an indication that your denture needs to be refit or adjusted. As a result of having a denture fitted in your mouth, you will produce excessive saliva. Don’t worry though; this too will normalize over time.

When are dentures worn?

Obviously, you want to wear your denture during the day when you are around other people. The dental appliance can keep your mouth full and make your smile pretty. When you get back home, however, you are required to remove your appliance to give your oral tissues time to rest. In the first few days after getting your denture fitted, you will be asked to keep in intact in the mouth. This includes even the time you are sleeping to help your dentist determine areas of immediate adjustment. Often, your gum tissues will swell after losing teeth. If your denture is taken out at this early stage, it may be so hard to place it again. 

Taking care of your denture at home

Dentures are a great appliance until they are neglected so much that they cause dental odor. If you fail to remove and clean your denture, it will become clogged up with plaque. Then, you will raise your risk of catching oral thrush. Any uptown dentist will instruct you to clean your denture in the following manner.

  • Step 1: As dentures are sensitive and could crack, fill your sink with water first. Then clean the appliance over your sink to avoid slip ups.
  • Step 2: Rinse your appliance very well to get rid of food particles using cool or warm water. Hot water can distort your dentures, avoid it.
  • Step 3: Apply a special denture cleaning paste to a wet denture brush or any soft-bristled toothbrush. Unless your Houston uptown dentist allows it, don’t use soap, home bleach, vinegar or another cleaning agent.
  • Step 4: Brush your denture from all angles. Don’t use stiff-bristled brushes though, as they could wreck the material used to make your denture.
  • Step 5: Rinse your dentures well under a faucet to get rid of all cleaning paste.
  • Step 6: Place your spotlessly clean dentures in a cleanser overnight. This should be placed in a glass and is often recommended by a dental expert.
  • Step 7: Clean your tongue, gums and palate with a soft-bristled brush to get rid of plaque and arouse blood circulation. Insert your dentures again before leaving the house.

If you want to enhance the stability of your appliance, you can apply a tiny amount of denture cream on the surface. The cream will increase the denture’s retention rate. All the same, the cream shouldn’t replace any dental appointment your dentist wants you to attend.

Costs of denture placement

If you have dental insurance, you will hardly feel the pinch as your insurer will cover most of the cost of denture placement. They tend to be several times more affordable than dental implants, for instance. If you will pay by cash, you will feel the pinch as this mode tends to be more expensive than insurance. If you are in doubt, visit your dental insurer and confirm the amount they can pay on your behalf. Additionally, you are likely to pay a smaller fee to have a partial denture and a bigger fee to have a complete denture installed.

For how long will your denture last?

To make your final decision about dentures, you might be looking to know how durable they are. According to dental specialists, dentures can last a minimum of five years if they are cleaned and examined often. They will need a swap if the bone shrinks too much that it causes your denture to loosen. To increase the life of your denture, follow the aforementioned cleaning steps and have them examined regularly by your dentist.

When your denture is too faulty to continue working, you should get a new one fitted. Otherwise, wearing an ill-fitting denture appliance can cause your bone to shrink faster. To increase the lifespan of your appliance, your dentist will use a denture liner to refit its inner surface to the oral tissues.  If your denture teeth or base develops a crack, it can be taken to the lab for one or two days for repair.

On the same, you can buy your first denture repair kit online and fix your denture’s minor cracks or replace its lost teeth by yourself. In some cases though, you cannot repair your denture on your own. It would be wiser to call your regular dental services provider rather than repair the appliance yourself. Signs that can tell you when your denture requires instant repair include:

  • You feel pain in given areas of your gum when wearing your denture.
  • You are starting to see extra wrinkles around your mouth
  • Your denture keeps on clicking, slipping or causing chewing difficulties
  • You now have an inaudible voice
  • You can’t avoid using denture pads anymore
  • People are starting to comment about the appearance of your teeth.


Although we will all age eventually, lose our jawbone height and watch helplessly as our gum tissues (ridges) shrink, we should act now. Dentures remain the most convenient and affordable way to restore our lost teeth and smiles. Hence, you should look for the best uptown dental Houston clinic that provides denture placement services. There, a doctor will examine your gums and determine the kind of denture your need and when it can be fitted. After this procedure, you will avoid the sunken look to your cheeks and lower face and have a beautiful smile.