Best Invisalign Dentist Houston | Invisalign is a High-Tech, comfortable Alternative to Braces by a Top Rated Dentist in Houston

URBN Dental patients can have it all with Invisalign in Houston, TX. It is a comfortable, removable, and nearly invisible alternative to braces for correcting everything from minor crowding to a bad bite

What is this modern approach?

Conventional braces use a system of wires and brackets, which place consistent, gentle, and controlled pressure on teeth to gradually shift them into proper positions. Braces are fixed, so a dentist sees you regularly to make the adjustments necessary to move treatment forward.

Invisalign uses a series of clear, BPA-free plastic aligner trays. Like conventional braces, these trays use low forces to incrementally move teeth. Unlike braces, aligners may be removed before meals and cleaning, which reduces the risk of gum inflammation and other complications associated with traditional orthodontics due to difficulty maintaining the hygiene necessary to keep tissues healthy.  URBN Dental is a top rated dentist in Houston.

How does the process work?

URBN Dental was built around advanced technologies and gentle, tissue-friendly techniques. Invisalign starts with 3-Dimensional modeling and software. The doctor shows you how your progressively straighter teeth will look through every step of treatment even before the aligner trays are fabricated.

This digitized model of your mouth also guides the creation of each tray. The number of trays required for treatment depends on the type and amount of correction needed. Whatever the case may be, every two weeks you will discard a tray and replace it with the next aligner in the sequence that corresponds with your treatment plan.

It is advised that the trays be worn as recommended by your dentist, for at least 22 hours daily. Treatment time is comparable to that of braces, but your experience is convenient and comfortable. You’ll forget your trays are in your mouth, and your friends won’t know you are straightening your teeth!

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