Dentist 77002 | Is having your Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars) taken out or removed necessary?

wisdom teeth 8 638 - Dentist 77002 | Is having your Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars) taken out or removed necessary?
Is having your Wisdom Teeth(third molars) taken out or removed necessary?

A Dentist has to evaluate each case in meticulous detail before recommending any treatment to be administered. It is difficult to generalize, but there are many cases when wisdom teeth do need to be removed. Some reasons for having them taken out include dental pain, ear aches, headaches, food impaction, biting one's inner cheeks, dental swelling, or possible infection in regards to the orientation of one's wisdom tooth. At a dental routine check up at URBN Dental we will evaluate whether the teeth need to be removed due to them being unsalvageable, loose, overcrowded, or the teeth may need to be removed as indicated for orthodontic treatment. There are also occasions when the position of the wisdom tooth is partially erupted or even impacted that can have detrimental effects to adjacent teeth or possible cyst formation that can cause damage to the surrounding gums, teeth, and jaw bone. It is always easier and safer to take care of small dental issues before large infections or issues take place. At URBN Dental we evaluate each case extensively and recommend multiple levels of treatment giving you the chance to make the best decision for your health.

What does it mean to have a wisdom tooth that is partially erupted or impacted?

Wisdom teeth can grow in a variety of ways and directions. Having a wisdom tooth that is half way out of the jaw-bone (and slightly elevated out of the gums) is what is defined as a partially erupted wisdom tooth. Having a partially erupted wisdom tooth one can feel the tooth with their own tongue and feel it is not fully out of the gum area. An impacted wisdom tooth is defined when a wisdom tooth is fully in the jaw bone, not seen or felt in the mouth. X-rays are the best way to evaluate these teeth due to the fact that they are hard to define by clinical evaluation. Dental x-rays are taken using a high technologically advanced system that is safer, faster, and exponentially less in relation to how much natural radiation we as humans receive on a daily basis. With the use of clinical analysis and x-ray evaluation we can create a definitive treatment plan that will solve your concerns. By having a comprehensive exam and checkup at URBN Dental we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

When do I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out, or when is the best time to have them removed?

Dental medicine is a preventative medicine. It is always best to take care of small matters before significant infections, pain, or swelling is noted. If you start feeling dental pain, ear aches, jaw pain, headaches, or sign of inflammation or swelling it is best to see your emergency Dentist immediately before anything gets worse. If you start to notice occasional discomfort it is a good sign to have a checkup or a limited exam just to be safe and sound. At URBN Dental we are here for you and if any dental emergencies arise please call 713-714-4245 to schedule your consultation.

Does wisdom teeth removal or extractions cause pain, does it hurt?

We at URBN Dental support painless and pain free dentistry. Our goal is to be sure you are as comfortable as possible and our first and foremost desire is to be sure you are profoundly numb for any dental procedure. We do not start any dental procedure without your consent that you are ready for the procedure. Having your wisdom tooth or teeth extractions is a rapid procedure that ultimately take less time to do in comparison to getting you numb and discussing post-op instructions. We will be sure your experience will be a positive one.

Should I plan on taking the next day off after wisdom teeth are taken out? What is the recovery time after having wisdom teeth removed?

Having any kind of tooth removal procedure, it is considered a surgery. With any type of surgery, one should prepare to take it easy and follow our post op instructions carefully to reduce any risk of further bleeding, post op pain, or possible infections. Having wisdom teeth removed one should plan on a possible weekend or day off the next day if needed, not exerting too much force on the area by avoiding working out or heavy lifting is mandatory. Minor swelling, minor bruising, and minor tenderness post extraction could occur. With post op medications the healing process will be improved. By focusing on a soft food diet for a couple days will also help to ease the jaws and make sure the areas of possible tenderness do not get involved too much. Also, ice pack occasionally on and off for post op pain is indicated for comfort. And lastly, to gargle a warm salt water rinse three times a day will be sure the area is not prone to food impaction and will cleanse the area speeding recovery time. It is best indicated to rest when you get back home. It is not recommended to lie flat in bed, but to sleep at a slight angle to help the healing process, in other words to sleep with your head propped up on pillows helps with the recovery process.

It is recommended to focus on soft foods for a couple days for a faster healing situation. It is indicated to try to focus on warm or cool foods such as smoothies, oatmeal, yogurts, mashed potatoes, soups. and ice cream. When drinking liquids do not use a straw for it may dislodge the healing clot in the area. Smoking is never recommended. All questions are welcome and your experience is our top concern. At URBN Dental we are here for you and if any dental questions arise please call 713-714-4245. URBN Dental Uptown is ready to serve your dental needs and URBN Dental Midtown is coming soon to make it easier to find quality and personal dental care near you.

Let us help you get out of your tooth pain. Call today to find out more about how we can help you with your Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

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