KoR Whitening Systems – For Deep and Darker Teeth Staining get that Celebrity Smile

A beautiful smile will always be necessary when you attend happy events like weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events. In such occasions, photos and videos are captured and it’s good to smile. If you have big events around the corner, meet your Houston uptown dentist today.  While there are different ways to clean your teeth, KoR Whitening systems have raised the bar. They are unanimously agreed to be the world’s most reliable whitening systems. KoR remains the only manufacturer (founded by Dr. Rod Kurthy) to emphasize on consistent refrigeration of its teeth whitening gels.

These products stay frozen from the moment of production to the time they are ordered by top Houston dentists. KoR provides the most effective way to clean your teeth without lasers or dangerous bleaching agents. It is cost-effective and versatile too. There is a full range of KoR whitening gels offered at the best uptown dental Houston clinic and so it is easier to seek treatment. KOR’s gels are known to use the company’s proprietary Dual-Activated(TM), Tri-Barrel Hydremide(R) Peroxide formulation and delivery system.


Types of KoR whitening systems


KoR provides a range of teeth bleaching systems that continuously yield incredibly great results. Also affordable, these whitening gels are easily accessible at your dentist’s office. They include the following:

  • KoR Home – This product should be used at home during the evening or daytime. It is effective in bleaching teeth.
  • KoR-Night™ -As the name suggests, this system is designed to be used at night. It is more efficient than a system that is made for day teeth whitening— and it is affordable. You should treat your teeth with it for two weeks. Containing 16 percent carbimide peroxide, KoR-Night™ is an awesome home ready for those who want to maintain good results.
  • KoR Day™ - This is at-home teeth whitening product for someone who cannot wear Seal Whitening Trays from KOR when sleeping. It is a day system made for someone who cannot tolerate wearing trays for several hours. You should use it for 14 days or a longer period and apply it one time or two times each day. It contains nine percent hydrogen peroxide and can serve as an intermittent teeth maintenance product without the need to see a dentist.
  • KoR MAX – This one is a bit more effective than the above-mentioned home use systems. It entails seeing an oral hygienist once in their clinic and continuous use of the teeth whitening system for home. Among the most flexible products, KoR MAX is available at a dentist houston tx clinic near you. A 2-week home remedy treatment for evening use, KoR MAX provides sixteen percent carbamide peroxide. A single dental therapy offers Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel as well as 34 percent of Dual-Activated therapy. KoR MAX is a perfect system for maintaining good results.
  • KoR ULTRA – This one provides excellent outcomes. It’s the best for those who have dark geriatric staining and florosis staining. You need to see your oral hygienist in their dental clinic once. During the visit, you will be treated with the KoR THP (Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide) gel. This gel is placed in special seal whitening trays. Three-to-four-week therapy while at home is okay, plus a closing appointment with your dental expert who will use 34 percent peroxide gel.  You are allowed to use KoR ULTRA for infrequent treatments at home.
  • KoR ULTRA-T – This teeth bleaching system is among those picked by most uptown dentist Houston specialists. The system is made for people who struggle with tetracycline teeth staining. If you think that your tetracycline stained teeth cannot be white again, try KoR ULTRA-T. The treatment provided at the office uses the company’s thirteen percent Dual-Activated emollient.  Delivered in whitening trays from KoR itself, ULTRA-T offers about one and a half months of night-time whitening treatments. There is a final appointment offered at the doctor’s office. This one utilizes thirty-four percent Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel. It is best for periodic maintenance sessions at home to get permanent results.

KoR boasts consistently refrigerated powerful gels. It has made scientifically proven application method. That’s why it’s known to provide extremely great results. You will no longer feel embarrassed about your stained teeth. Once you access some of the top uptown dentists Houston experts, your smile will be restored with the most appropriate KoR system. This is not your ordinary teeth bleaching agent that leaves a gap between what is promised and what is delivered. KoR systems are associated with effective results that last longer.


How KoR Triggers great results

A large natural pigment plus stain molecules that get trapped within the tiny structures of teeth are the reason why staining occurs. If molecules are large, they will have a lot of chromophores. Hence, they will appear darker.  Hydrogen peroxide forms every time a peroxide gel is used and then disintegrates to three things: water, oxygen and bleaching factors. These are responsible for teeth whitening. The only time that maximum whitening outcome is attained is when these gels are totally strong. This is when they are chemically charged to generate a lot of bleaching factors. Two, these factors should have adequate time to penetrate the tiny structures within a tooth. Unfortunately, conventional whitening trays’ gel only works strongly for twenty-five to thirty-five minutes, according to CRA (Clinical Research Associates).

The gel gets contaminated too fast by your saliva. Saliva is specifically known to damage a lot of peroxide per minute. That’s why most traditional gels don’t work as effectively as hoped. Luckily, KoR Whitening systems have come to solve this problem. The Seal TM Trays work because they are more sophisticated and creatively made. They generate a tight seal that prevents saliva and sulcular fluid from reaching the trays and causing damage. These trays as well as KoR whitening gels can offer you six to ten hours of bleaching activity. This is better than the twenty-five to thirty-five minutes offered by traditional systems. They get rid of dirt from the area between your enamel rods.

What’s makes KoR simply the best choice?

The first thing that makes KoR Whitening gel so appropriate is refrigeration. The fact that KoR’s peroxide whitening gels are refrigerated makes them stand out more due to better potency. Consistent refrigeration also means that chemical stabilizers are used less often as they are known to increase teeth sensitivity and reduce the effectiveness of the whitening chemistry. KoR’s trays and gels standout because of the way they are handled from the manufacturing stage to warehousing and shipment.


Products are continuously refrigerated all through each manufacturing stage, storage and delivery phase. They are all kept at a temperature range of between 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the case with other types of gels that are often manufactured at a distant chemical plant and kept into a warehouse awaiting distribution. Then they are shipped in hot trucks and finally put in yet another unrefrigerated warehouse at the wholesale whitening company. By the time a dentist Houston clinic buys the gels and uses them on patients’ teeth, they have lost their potency. Thus, the results the unrefrigerated gels offer are poor when compared to those offered by KoR Whitening Systems.


KoR’s manufacturing plant puts the gels into a refrigerated storage warehouse as soon as they are produced. When time to ship gels comes, they are stored in refrigerated trucks that take them to the Evolve warehouse. This warehouse uses big industrial fringes that maintain constant, cold temperature levels.  Before refrigerating the gels for shipment, KoR salespersons will set the arrival dates with the dental office to make sure that they are received frozen. Upon arrival, they are refrigerated again to keep them in a proper working condition.


Sensitivity – How KoR prevents it

The company’s systems reduce teeth sensitivity in 2 ways. First, it uses constant refrigeration to eliminate the use of a chemical stabilizer of any kind. Stabilizers are known to trigger osmolarity of whitening gels (as much as eleven times). KoR’s groundbreaking technology is able to correct this problem. Each patient’s KoR kit for use at home has a desensitizer and its use is to plug dentinal tubules fast on contact. You have to apply the desensitizer every time you whiten your teeth. So far, uptown dentists achieve good results with KoR and hardly ever receive complaints about sensitivity of teeth. The system has evolved the art of teeth whitening via its active and effective gel formulations and consistent refrigeration. Consisting of no chemical stabilizers, KoR whitening gel is just the best.


KoR removes severe Tetracycline staining

The extent of teeth staining caused by tetracycline is often too big that the victims are unable to smile. Tetracycline staining can be too embarrassing and challenging to get rid of with conventional whitening gels and trays. KoR Whitening has been consulted by hygienists facing patients with serious tetracycline staining and it was able to help. The company has the most astounding treatment of the most challenging whitening cases. Its effectiveness is well-documented and several uptown dentists are discovering the differences that exist between KoR systems and other gels on the market. In the case of tetracycline discoloration, KoR’s Ultra-T Whitening Kit is preferred. It comes with the company’s signature seal whitening trays and an in-office visit where KoR’s 13 percent Dual-Activated Peroxide gel is provided. This is followed by a home whitening treatment that ends in about six to eight weeks. Before concluding, a patient goes in for an extra clinic-based whitening session where 34 percent Dual-Activated (Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide) gel is used. You will be happy with the ultimate whitening result if you try to remove your tetracycline stain with the KoR system. If you continue with intermittent home treatments, you will be able to maintain your excellent outcome.  Tetracyline staining is always hard to eliminate, off course, but KoR Whitening has discovered a scientifically advanced cleaning method.


Can KoR Whitening satisfy your patients’ needs?

As we can all agree, teeth whitening is about getting the best results. While you can make huge savings buying cheaper whitening trays, you are much more likely to receive poor results. This can lead to disappointments and a consistently bad smile. KoR Whitening provides better solutions and while they are quite expensive, they offer more effective and reliable whitening treatments. So you should focus less on money and more on quality results.

Another thing that makes the system so successful is the Tri-Barrel design. It’s the only whitening system that uses this type of delivery system. Typical systems use a dual-barrel that is less effective. A Tri-Barrel design consists of three separate chambers that make it possible to add more ingredients to the gel formulation. The KoR’s Tri-Barrel system is used to deliver more advanced, quicker penetrating, and less sensitizing whitening gel.  We cannot emphasize enough the company’s constant refrigeration and how this ensures awesome whitening results. Your dentist receives high quality KoR gels that he or she uses to offer dependable whitening results.

KoR and ZOOM Teeth Whitening

You may wonder which product between these two is the best.  Both methods are considered professional treatments. However, they are different and each offers unique advantages. With Zoom teeth whitening, you only need to be at your dentist’s office for one hour. If you have mild to moderate teeth staining, Zoom is a good pick. On the other hand, you should opt for KoR Whitening solutions if you have deep and darker teeth stains. KoR is loved for its reduced rate of sensitivity after treatment when compared to typical whitening methods. As well, it gets rid of severe tetracycline staining without triggering more damage. Unlike Zoom which is only done at the dental office, KoR involves in-office and at-home treatments. If you want instant results and have mild teeth stains, choose Zoom. Otherwise, pick one of the best KoR systems described above. Your dental expert will be able to select this option for you based on severity of teeth staining and your personal goals. 


Final Word

KoR’s results are so predictable and great that you cannot regret anything.  Scientifically proven, KoR Whitening is safe, effective and relatively affordable. With it, you will no longer be treated with gels that have been degraded by heat as well as those containing chemical stabilizers. KoR Whitening gels stay in contact with your teeth for a longer period of time, explaining why they provide optimal results.