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One of every six kids has experienced tooth decay, and one of every five seniors are toothless, according to government statistics. It doesn’t have to be this way. Preventive and restorative services such as dental crowns are indistinguishable from natural, healthy teeth and are designed to suit the needs, goals, and budget of patients in River Oaks.

What is a crown?

“Cap,” another way of referring to this type of restoration, is a good term because dental materials cover remaining healthy tooth structure like a cap. The crown restores the shape, size, strength, and position of the tooth, so it may be purely cosmetic or restorative in nature, depending on your unique goals or needs.

As you might imagine, crowns are versatile. URBN Dental may recommend this type of treatment should you have a large or worn filling, severe decay, or a badly-fractured tooth. Crowns are also used to cover tooth structure following root canal therapy, or as tooth replacement with a multi-unit bridge or implant.


What should I do to keep my crown looking and functioning its best?

Crowns at URBN Dental are designed to look, feel, and function like natural healthy teeth, so there are no special instructions for after-care. They should be cleaned normally, but habits such as chewing your fingernails or using your teeth as letter or package openers can shorten the lifespan of your crowns. Grinding or clenching, as well as use of tobacco habits, should be addressed in conjunction with your trusted dental provider in Houston.


Why turn to URBN Dental?

The dental team uses biocompatible, quality zirconia ceramic for superior health, appearance, and durability. Conservative alternatives may be recommended to maintain as much natural tooth structure as possible. All restorations also come with a five-year warranty. Call 713-714-4245 today to schedule an appointment.  We are a top rated Dentist office.  Located in Uptown area of Houston in River Oaks Houston.

Dental Crowns in River Oaks: URBN Dental’s conservative approaches, quality materials, 5-year warranty offer superior experience in Houston. Call 713-714-4245

URBN Dental is a Dental Clinic in Houston that is open on Saturday, 5 star patient reviews for a Dentist from google. 77027 Dentist

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