Best Dentist Houston | Restore the Beauty and Health of your Smile with Dental Crowns in Houston

Dental crowns may be the only way to save a badly damaged tooth. URBN Dental in Houston partners with you to avoid the need for a crown or any restorative procedure, but when the need arises, you will benefit from the latest, safest materials such as zirconia ceramic and BPA-free fillings.Restoring your health and beauty It’s estimated that almost all adults have had at least one cavity. If decay isn’t treated, bacteria and acids in sugary drinks and foods combine to create a sticky film. This plaque hardens, destructive acids eat through protective enamel and into the softer dentin layer, ultimately affecting the dental pulp in the center of your tooth. Infections have been known to cause swelling that spreads to other parts of the head, bone loss, and drainage into the gums, or through the cheek and the skin.URBN Dental’s professionals quickly relieve your pain, so you can feel better. Even a filling, inlay, or onlay may not be sufficient in cases of extensive decay. While the more conservative option is encouraged, in cases of severe infection, the doctor may recommend root canal therapy followed by a beautiful zirconia crown.The procedure is like receiving a filling, and involves cleaning out the innermost portion of the tooth. Active infections may be cleared with medications, as appropriate. Once the tooth is ready for the crown, existing structure will be reduced to make room for the porcelain. After the tooth is shaped, digital technology comfortably and accurately collects information about your mouth, which is necessary to make the new tooth.Dental crowns are famed for their staying power, and zirconia is lauded for being gentle to surrounding tissues. With the same care that keeps your natural teeth healthy, crowns can last 15, or more, years. Call 713-322-8442 for scheduling. URBN Dental in Houston customizes crowns to your needs using durable, gentle, and beautiful materials like zirconia. Call 713-322-8442crowns 300x245 - Best Dentist Houston | Restore the Beauty and Health of your Smile with Dental Crowns in Houston

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