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River Oaks Dentist | How to Find An Amazing Dentist to Fit Veneers

Finding An Amazing Dentist to Fit Veneers

When teeth are a problem, you will be glad to see a URBN Dental Uptown or Midtown dentist who can solve it for you. Toothache can be such a distraction that it is hard to do anything until it is fixed. As you cannot be sure when the pain will start, it is good to be registered to a 24-hour dental clinic that will be there whenever you need them. Sometimes the treatment required will be more cosmetic than pain relief and that is just as important. Dental veneers will make such a difference, as they can cover imperfections and leave you with an amazing smile.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer will be placed over the problematic tooth to change it from a major problem into an attractive tooth that you are proud of other people seeing. The veneer will be placed over your own tooth meaning that the porcelain covers whatever damage has been done. There are several reasons to have them fitted including:

  • Color – there are many things that can discolor a tooth, and this will cover up the damage for good.
  • Chips – accidents can happen and before you know it, there is a chip in your front teeth. This is unsightly, and you will require veneers to cover them.
  • Gaps – when someone was born with a gap in their teeth, it can be more of a problem to them than it is to other people. It can be expensive to have the work done, but if you are lucky, you will find a cheap dentist you can rely on to do a great job, and make you forget that you once had a large unnecessary space.
  • Teeth that are slightly out of sync with the rest can have the porcelain caps added to straighten everything out. They will look better and very often feel better.

If you are unsure as to whether this is the way to go, you should be convinced by the number of people who have had them and have been delighted with the results. They are thin, so do not feel uncomfortable when in the mouth, and when put in correctly will be almost impossible to move about. When the appointment is taking place, there will be little discomfort or time wasted, as there is only a little bit of preparation that is needed to insert it.


There are only a few stages to getting a veneer ready to be placed into the mouth.

  • Your own teeth may need to be shaved down a little. It will only be a small amount, and the veneer will make the tooth up to the same size that it was before.
  • You will be injected with a local anesthetic if you require it, but not everyone does.
  • A mould will be taken of the tooth and this will be used to design the new one. It is important you sit still while this is being done
  • A color guide will be used to make sure that this replacement will be the same color as the other teeth.


This procedure will more than likely take 2 visits to complete. One will be to do all of the background work, and the second one will be to fit it. Before it is put into your mouth, the dentist should let you see it and confirm that you are happy with it.

The final stage is when the special adhesive is placed on the tooth and the cover added. Once it is on it will need a dental procedure to remove it, so there is no need to worry that it will fall off during normal day to day activities. If there is major damage to the tooth to be covered, there could be a temporary one used until the main one is ready. Most of the time however, this will not be necessary.


There is the possibility that there could be a few small alterations that have to be carried out, but these should not be done right away. It may take a short period of time for the mouth to get used to the new items in it, and so it will be best to wait a week or so. By then any movement that is likely to happen will have happened and the staff at the dental centre can deal with it.

If I was looking for a dentist, I would look for an experienced dentist near me. When discussing future treatment, I would want to know how long the tooth covering would last, how much the veneers cost, and if there were any alternatives.

Cost and alternatives

It will not be possible to give a general cost, as there are a few factors to take into account. At the first consultation, the dentist should be able to provide a price before any work is done, as they will have been able to determine any difficult stages. There is an alternative, but they will not be suitable all the time. Fillings will work for some repairs, but there are others when the space to be covered is too big, or it may be difficult to get a good color match. If there were quicker and easier treatments, dentists would carry them out as it would save them time and allow them to fit in more appointments. When veneers are suggested, it will be because there is no better option. Schedule today at URBN Dental Midtown or Uptown to get your dental appointment or dental cleaning.