Local Dentist Office Services

If you have an implant that have been sitting inside your bone for the last 4-6 months and you are ready for a crown, we are able to take impression and deliver the most cosmetic crowns for you.  All crowns are made by Da Vinci Laboratories and made in the USA.


This is a procedure that is typically done if the cavity has almost reached the root canal.  We try to be as conservative as possible at URBN Dental and work to make sure that we do not drill more tooth structure than we need to.  This is a very conservative method to treatment large cavities … Continued

Tissue Biopsy

If you notice that there is a new growth in your mouth and are worried, our trained Dentist will be able to examine and diagnose if the growth is something to worry about.  We typically tape a biopsy specimen of the tissue and send it to a laboratory to get a confirmed diagnosis.

Night Guard

Have you been grinding your teeth? URBN Dental offers premium night guards at affordable prices to alleviate your pain.  Teeth grinding can lead to worn out teeth which causes extreme sensitivity to cold.

Bite Adjustments

If you feel like your bite is off or your filling is too high, we are able to adjust your bite so that you are comfortable again.  This is typically a very simple fix that can be done without anesthesia.

TMJ Treatment

If you have TMD (temporomandibular disorder) we are able to help you using multifaceted approaches.  Our Dentist are trained to deal from the simplest to the most severe TMD issues.

Dental Crown

If you have unsightly metal crowns or worn out crowns we can replace them with beautiful porcelain crowns.  We use Da Vinci Laboratories for all of our Dental Crowns.  This process to get a porcelain crown is by removing 1-1.5 mm of tooth circumferentially to make space for porcelain.  Once that space is removed we … Continued

Bad Breath

We offer effective solutions for Bad Breath.  Our skillful Dentist will first examine your mouth and find the source of the bad breath (whether it is the tongue or bacteria living on your teeth) and implement an action plan to remove the bad source and get your breath smelling minty fresh!

Teeth Bonding

This is an affordable cost effective dental procedure for patients that cannot afford veneers financially.  Teeth bonding is done by using the same type of filling material that you would use for dental cavity fillings.  This filling material is placed onto your teeth and hardened with a blue curing light.  This allows the Dentist to … Continued

Dental Check Up

If you have just moved to Houston and are looking for a new Dentist we would love to show you what makes the experience at URBN Dental amazing.  We will take Xrays of all of your teeth and notify you if there are any cavities or oral problems.