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UPTOWN/GALLERIA: 346-980-4770
MIDTOWN: 281-397-3832

Emergency Dentist | 24 Hour Dental Clinic Near Me

Emergency Dentist | 24 Hour Dental Clinic Near Me

At URBN Dental, Emergency 24 hours Dental Care as a service is available every single day at our Houston Dentist Office, so that unexpected Dental Emergencies that occur will be effectively handled. We have worked on our schedule to ensure that we give the necessary attention to our patients that are experiencing pain. We have done this because it is our belief that it should be easy to locate an emergency dentist if you need one in Houston. Our capable emergency dentists Houston are always on hand to offer you one-day appointments and also see to your case.

At URBN Dental, We do have an understanding that Dental Emergencies happen and are commonplace. They strike when not expected and that’s why in our schedule, we have spots that are reserved so that we can attend to patients that fall in this category and are in pain.

Some Of The benefits of URBN Dental Emergency Care Listed Below are:

– You will be attended to and seen right away!

– You will get treatment on the same day that you come to the clinic.

– We are in a strong network with all PPO Insurances.

– Get to use our state-of-the-art equipment such as our High-End Digital Dental Xrays (low radiation)

– Most Emergency Exams that we carry out are covered at 100% by PPO Dental Insurance

— This is a huge one – We are open on Saturdays! Yes, on weekends we are here for you.

So it doesn’t matter if you cracked your tooth accidently or you are experiencing tooth pain, or probably one of your tooth crowns is missing or fractured, it doesn’t matter what is wrong with you, as long as you have a problem with your tooth, call us today to book an appointment, and watch your problem get tackled head so you can get swift relief from pains resulting from your tooth damage.

If you would be needing a Root Canal treatment, then we have good news for you as we have in our acquisition the WaveOne Root Canal technology. This technology enables us to provide emergency treatment for people who need it within a space of 30 minutes. Now that’s real emergency treatment right there. This technology is time-saving and in even the most difficult cases, time spent in the procedure is reduced by up to 50 percent.

To us, providing emergency dental care is not synonymous to using inferior materials because of the short notice. That is why we employ only the use of crowns made from Da Vinci Laboratories because of their high standards in tooth restoration. We give you this quality treatments and materials at an affordable rate because we fully accept all PPO insurance.

At URBN Dental, we offer quality service and our emergency dentists are on hand 24 hours of every day including, Saturday, Sunday and weekend to give you relief from any pain you might be experiencing. If you’re in Houston and you’re searching for an emergency dental clinic near me, be rest assured that you have come to the right place at URBN Dental.

If you have a dental implant that has been healing for close to 4-6 months then you are ready for a dental implant crown. At URBN Dental we are able to take the needed impressions of the area in order to fabricate the hightest cosmetic result for you. All dental crowns are made in the USA and fabricated by Da Vinci Laboratories.

This is a dental procedure that is typically done if the cavity has almost reached the heart of the tooth or in other words the nerve of the tooth. At URBN Dental we are conservative as possible to make sure we save your tooth. By limiting the amount of tooth structure removed we use a conservative method to treat the large cavity and attempt to reduce the risk of needing a root canal and a dental crown.

If you notice that there is a new growth or abnormal growth in your mouth our trained Dentist will be able to examine and diagnose if the growth. At URBN Dental occasionally a biopsy of the specimen will be evaluated and sent to a laboratory to get a confirmed diagnosis. In some cases referrals to specialists may be needed.

Have you been grinding or clenching your teeth? URBN Dental offers premium nightguards at affordable prices to alleviate your pain. Teeth grinding can lead to short teeth which causes extreme cold sensitivity and can lead to pain and the necessity for possible root canal therapy.

If you feel like your bite is off or your old or new filling is too high, we are able to adjust your bite so that you are comfortable again. This is typically a very simple fix that can be done without anesthesia.

If you have TMD (temporomandibular disorder) we at URBN Dental are here to help alleviate these symptoms and will recommended treatment to resolve the issue. Every case is unique and on your dental exam or consultation we will evaluate and get you feeling better again.

If you have old metal crowns or defective crowns we can replace them with beautiful porcelain crowns. We use USA only labs for our dental work including Da Vinci Laboratories for our dental crown work. The process in obtaining a porcelain crown starts by creating room for the material which specifically is by removing 1-1.5 mm of tooth around the tooth to make space for the porcelain. Once that space is removed we are able to custom make a porcelain or zirconia crown and cement and bond it onto the adjusted tooth. Crowns can be used as a solution to restore fractured teeth or severely decayed teeth that have small amounts of structure left. With the artistic hand and experience of URBN Dental’s skilled cosmetic dentists in Houston, a porcelain crown will blend naturally with your teeth to restore back that beautiful smile that you deserve.

We offer effective solutions for Bad Breath. At URBN Dental we will take note of your overall health and focus on your mouth in order to find the source of your bad breath. We will implement an action plan to remove the cause and get your breath back to a healthy state. We will also list out specific oral hygiene instructions to keep you right on track along with your normal dental check ups.

Teeth bonding is a method to replace lost tooth structure or tooth structure that is infected by a dental cavity or decay. By teeth bonding the tooth can be restored to look natural. This is also an affordable dental procedure for patients that choose not to have veneers fabricated out of porcelain. When undergoing fillings – teeth bonding is used along with white filling material to create a beautifully healthy white tooth. See more on tooth colored fillings to learn more about our BPA-free fillings!

If you have just moved to Houston and are looking for your new dentist we are here for you at URBN Dental. All our work is thorough and meticulous to give you the care you need and deserve.

Patients that have bone loss (periodontitis) will need a deep cleaning or scaling and root planning procedure. This procedure requires being numb due to the fact that the bacteria and disease is deep in the gum and bone area surrounding the teeth. This procedure involves us using our high technology to focus our skills deep between the tooth and gum areas to be sure we can stabilize the disease and decrease any further bone and gum infection in that area. At URBN Dental we use state of the art tools that allow us to break apart and dissolve away all of the hard plaque that has accumulated underneath your gum tissue and decrease the negative bacteria content in those areas. Once the calculus (hard plaque and tartar) is removed, the gum will no longer be inflamed. In a period of 4-6 weeks with good flossing, you will notice that your gum tissue will regain its beautiful pink color again. We will continue to monitor your gum and bone health to be sure you are getting the best care possible.

We offer a regular dental cleaning and deep cleanings depending on what gum or bone disease severity you have. Once determined which type of cleaning best focuses your specific oral disease we will create an action place that takes care of it. At URBN Dental we will also get you set up for maintenance and regular teeth cleaning appointments to make sure that your gum and bone health is as healthy as possible.

At URBN Dental we offer cutting edge technology that offer periodontal laser treatment. The pain free dental laser helps neutralize and decrease all negative bacteria that cause bone loss (periodontitis). This is very beneficial for patients that have very hard to reach deep pockets that traditional cleaning instruments cannot get to. The thin point of the laser is able to navigate its way down into these small spaces and heal these areas. This form of periodontal laser treatment will be an aid in your specific deep cleanings in order to offer the best available treatment so you do not lose any more bone due to this bone debilitating disease called periodontitis.

How do celebrities get that dazzling white smile? KoR Teeth Whitening and also Venus White Max Whitening help get what you want! These are the whitening systems that celebrities use to get that amazing celebrity smile. This system is an intensive teeth bleaching system that allows for professional teeth whitening in Houston. There are custom trays that mold exactly to the shape of your teeth. This involves at home treatments as well as in office treatments to give you that dazzling amazing smile! See some of our beautiful smiles here!

Teeth wear away with constant usage every day, you can rest easy at URBN Dental we can restore your smile with dental crowns or if teeth are missing a dental bridge. Many people lose a tooth (or teeth) and a dental bridge allows you to replace these missing teeth to get that full smile again. Each of our locations is equipped to perform both cosmetic and general dentistry procedures in Houston. We use Da Vinci Laboratories for all of our porcelain dental lab-work. All of our dental crowns and bridges look natural and aesthetic. We take pictures of your teeth to make sure that the porcelain is specially stained to look as cosmetic as possible. Don’t let that missing tooth prevent you from smiling! Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at URBN dental and restore your beautiful smile.

We made sure that the location of our offices in Uptown and Midtown were centrally located and walkable so it is easy for you! Both offices are situated in a dynamic mixed-use development that allows patients to simply walk over to the dental office for an appointment and continue on to shop, eat, or head back home. URBN Dental Uptown: Centrally located near Highland Village, Galleria Mall, and River Oaks District. URBN Dental Midtown: Centrally located next to Downtown, Texas Medical Center, Monstrose, and the Museum District all connected along the light rail system on Main Street.

If you are looking to repair your denture or partial denture we at URBN Dental can evaluate if for you and work with our laboratories to make sure we can fix it or replace it. Consultations and exams are recommended to be sure you get the best treatment possible.

At URBN Dental we can take care of oral surgery, wisdom tooth extractions and normal teeth extractions. Ranging from easy extractions to surgical extractions we can help take care of you. We seek to provide pain free dentistry for all of our patients. Our dentists are highly trained and have done a rigorous general practice residencies that allows them to efficiently and proficiently provide the best dental care possible! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We offer affordable dental solutions for patients who are missing numerous teeth who decide on partial dentures or complete dentures. Our high quality premium labs make sure teeth look as natural as possible.

URBN Dental makes sure that all of our dentures that we do meet the highest standard. This means the denture will have the most natural appearance and closest fit in your mouth. We are here for you and want to be sure you get the best treatment possible.

We use only BPA free tooth colored dental fillings at URBN Dental which is both aesthetic and as natural as possible. The fillings are non-toxic and safe and we want to be sure we are using the best materials that go in your mouth and body.

Fluoride is known for its anti-cavity effects. We offer all of our patients the option to use Fluoride varnish after their cleaning. This shields and protects the teeth against cavities.

Contouring or adjusting a tooth can help in improving aesthetics of general comfort. This procedure is called an enameloplasty. An enameloplasty means conservatively reshaping your teeth by sculpting out the external enamel layer. By reshaping a portion of the enamel allows your teeth to look drastically different especially in time when dental accidents happen or teeth break.

Cosmetic smile makeovers start with doing an extensive smile analysis. A smile analysis includes a full set of x-rays, full set of photos, and then a thorough consultation with the dentist. Symmetry in the smile is the most important and in order to maximize that the areas of asymmetry needs to be addressed. Beauty is generally defined by the symmetry and proportions of an object. At URBN Dental we are very meticulous to make sure every curve and tooth shape is ideal. If you have any questions on your smile or cosmetic dental work schedule a free consultation today!

If you are interested in cosmetic dental work including porcelain veneers or lumineers starting with a dental consultation at URBN Dental will help guide you. All of our porcelain veneers are made in the USA by Da Vinci Laboratories. Da Vinci Laboratories is used among most celebrity dentist in Hollywood. Our veneers look so natural and will also whiten to bring out the smile you want. Call now to set up an appointment to help get the smile you want!

We strive to be as natural and practice holistic dentistry as much as possible at URBN Dental. This means keeping as much of our materials BPA free as possible. We are the only dental office in Houston that have access to use high quality BPA free filling materials. All of our dental fillings are at standard insurance rates. We want to make sure our patients receive the highest quality material as possible.

We have the Biolase iLase laser system at URBN Dental. This laser allows our dental professionals to provide additional treatment in cleaning the deep periodontal pockets and bacteria that occur if you have periodontitis. This pain free dental laser is used to maximize the healing of those diseased areas and increase the success rate in your gum and bone areas around your teeth.

At URBN Dental we provide high quality Invisalign care to help get the smile you want. We have helped hundreds of patients get the beautiful smile that they deserve. We are meticulous in our teeth movement design and spend extra time treatment planning to make sure that our patients get the best results. Book a free Invisalign consultation today!

Our comprehensive dental exams include oral cancer screening. We look for any signs of cancer on your gum tissue, tongue, as well as all tissues that deal with your oral health. Our staff at URBN Dental are thorough in examination and will help provide the next step if there is any abnormality noted. We work closely with our Oral Surgeon to be sure all will be taken care of properly.

At URBN Dental we offer care credit and also personal financial plans if you need help working through your dental work. We are proud to be a care credit dentist because we want to make sure that you are able to receive the quality dental care that you deserve.

We schedule to make sure that there is always space to see any dental emergencies. We offer emergency dental care for our patients and make sure that we are able to see our patients promptly. If you have an abscess, infection, pain, or need an emergency root canal, our emergency dental clinic is open for you. We are only one phone call away let us know how we can help!

We have an in office photo studio that allows us to take high resolution pictures of our patients to study every aspect of the smile. We examine every facet of a smile. A smile is noticed in the mouth, but external factors such as cheek muscles and profile views all contribute to that celebrity smile.

We utilize the pain free WaveOne root canal system at URBN Dental. WaveOne allows most root canals to be finished safely, quickly, and effectively. Research has shown that WaveOne root canal files clean the roots of teeth more efficiently and better than traditional root canal systems. If you are in pain and think that you may need endodontic treatment, contact your dentist immediately.

All of our high end dental handpieces are made in Germany by KaVo. KaVo hand pieces allow for spectacular drilling and clean seamless preparations for fillings and crowns.

We understand that our patients have busy lives and with their busy lives comes low phone battery. We have phone chargers for both Apple Iphones as well as Android Galaxy phones in every operatory. In the waiting room? No worries, we have a portable phone charger for you so that you can charge your phone as you wait. All Crowns are Made in the USA: Da Vinci Laboratories is our primary laboratory of choice. All of our Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers are made by Da Vinci Laboratories. As see on ABCs Extreme Makeover.

We have wear and tear as we age, this is especially the case with molars in the back of your mouth. Dental Sealant is a tooth colored acrylic material that is placed over the surface of your tooth, this material is able to go into the tiny crevices and anatomy of your teeth. The sealant is designed to fill small pits and cracks to seal away the tooth to prevent tooth decay. URBN Dental can perform this cosmetic procedure at our Texas dental office, if you are ready to protect your beautiful smile, schedule an appointment at one of our locations.

If you have large unsightly or broken silver/mercury fillings that you want removed, we can replace then with BPA free fillings that are tooth colored made out of porcelain and composite resin. URBN Dental is one of the only Dentist in Houston that have paid a premium in order to get the latest and greatest filling material. We use BPA Free Filling materials by VOCO. VOCO is the top dental supplier for white composite filling material. Come to one of our locations to replace your old fillings.

We use the NOMAD Xray system, NOMAD Xray systems emit the lowest amount of radiation of any Dental Xray system. This Xray system allows you to see crisp clear images of your teeth. Utilizing this Xray system we are able to allow patients to see their entire mouth and point out exact areas where there are cavities. We believe that every patient should know what is going on with every aspect of their oral health.

At URBN Dental we stay up to date with the latest technologies. At URBN Dental we have the best form of technologies and innovative modern equipment to make your experience and health the best!

At URBN Dental we do comprehensive dental care, which means we phase the treatments to make sure that every aspect of your oral health is taken cared of. Our phases include:

Phase 1: Determining what type of cleaning you need, whether it is a simple cleaning (no bone loss) or a scaling and root planning, or also known as deep cleaning (bone loss). In order to determine this we will take a full mouth series (FMX) of x-rays and show you your bone levels on the screen as well as measurements taken inside of your mouth. Once this phase is completed, your gum tissue and bone should be in its most peak optimum condition to being phase 2.

Phase 2: During your new patient exam we look to see if you have any cavities. Cavities typically show up as a radiolucency or shadow on the x-rays. We will point out each cavity on your set of x-rays and then treatment plan then to be filled. Most cavities can be filled the same day at the same appointment. If you require a root canal we try out best to do the treatment the same day as well.

Phase 3: After your teeth is healthy we will then move on to focus on cosmetics, if you are happy with how your smile is then there would be no need for this phase.

Maintenance: We typically like to see our patients every 6 months to do a regular cleaning. If you require a deep cleaning or scaling and root planning, depending on the severity we will see you anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell
19:53 20 Jun 18
Excellent service. Great first impression! Best cleaning I've had in several years, my mouth feels amazing. They even took the time to show me how to brush more effectively. My teeth are back to being pearly white. They were very knowledgeable in regards to my insurance and I've had no issues. The service there is impeccable!
Nonna Beetge
Nonna Beetge
14:21 24 Apr 18
The staff is wonderful, very friendly and informative. I love how they not only take X-rays, but also photos of all your teeth and put them on the big screen. They spent as much time as I needed to go over each area and explain specifics of each tooth. I definitely have a greater understanding of what is going on in there and what I need to do. I also love their space, it has a calming vibe with all kinds of artwork on display. You almost feel like you’re not at the dentist! Thank you all so much, I look forward to seeing you all again! (Said no one to their dentist 😉 )
Allie Hackett
Allie Hackett
18:47 19 Jun 18
I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, however this was the BEST dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and I got everything I needed done in one visit! They provided super helpful insight about what was going on with my teeth and took care of everything I needed quickly. I will absolutely be returning! 🙂
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
14:17 10 May 18
Beautiful location and office. Very friendly and welcoming staff! I had a great time conversing with them about movies and music. Dr. Nguyen and his staff were very knowledgeable and stressed the importance of making sure the patient knew what their game plan was. The office is very high tech as well so it was super cool to know that I was getting the latest tech being use on me.
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea
17:15 20 May 18
Love the location, the dentist AND the staff. Everyone there is awesome. It's rare that I leave a dentist office feeling just as good as when I arrive. I was sad I didn't get to see Snickers, but all in all I had a great experience my first time here. Glad to finally have a new "home" dentist since moving to Texas.
Joshua Parra
Joshua Parra
02:17 14 Sep 18
From start to finish great experience. Impeccably clean office, high tech tools, & friendly staff. Went to get my top teeth contoured/shaped. They did a Hollywood star job! I now, have a flawless smile. I even went back the next day for a touch-up on one tooth & they took care of it, graciously. If you want quality cosmetic dentistry inside the loop; look no further. These folks are the best in class.
Bianca Anderson
Bianca Anderson
17:05 05 Sep 18
Very friendly staff. The hygienist's were so knowledgeable and really took the time to teach you about your teeth, they gave my husband and I "homework" to improve our oral health. Love it! Angela was great, great sense of humor (made me laugh a lot) and very professional. Awesome job Nicole, very friendly and took the time to answer all the questions we had (love she was recommending eateries for hubby to take me :). Julia was great at the front counter very lively and knowledgeable as well. They all really took the time and customized everything for us. Able to get free electric toothbrushes but didn't have any in stock.
Ji H Oh
Ji H Oh
15:19 22 Sep 18
I am usually scared of going to the dentist for my annual cleaning but I was completely blown away by the amazing customer service from the staff. Julia was extremely helpful and explained my dental coverage and out of pocket costs. Angela did an exceptional job explaining to me about the importance of dental hygiene and actually taught me how to floss properly. The office was extremely clean and upscale. Dr. Bridget was very sweet and great bedside manners. She explained everything about the treatment plan in a very thorough and concise manner. I was extremely impressed by everyone on the office and I cant wait to come back for my next appointment.
Death Morgulis
Death Morgulis
16:23 12 Sep 18
Great place for all your dental needs. Very inviting and friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. I've been looking for a good dentist for awhile while neglecting my oral health, but now I think I've found my place. 10/10 would come back for a follow-up appointment.
Trisha Hinojosa
Trisha Hinojosa
18:30 07 Oct 18
Very friendly staff who put up with my inane sense of humor. The entire team team spoke with me 1:1, including:Dental assistants, hygienist, dentist, and insurance admin (explained everything to me in detail including how my insurance works).They explained my x-rays to me, the effects of flossing correctly / incorrectly. I feel like they gave me the education I didn't get as a child on how to care for my mouth, and why it's important. I was doing good stuff for my oral health-- just not correctly or with a positive attitude.GREAT aftercare package.
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