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Routine checkup with your dentist usually involves dental cleaning near me. During the cleaning process, your dentist will get rid of stains, plaque and tartar that have gathered up on your teeth’s surface. Brushing and flossing everyday can greatly help in the reduction of tartar accumulation but professional dental cleaning can go a long way in boosting your oral hygiene. A lot of dentists advise that you should go for professional cleaning at least once in six months. Here are what you should expect at a professional cleaning session.




The first step in dental cleaning near me is scaling. It involves the use of a handheld device to get rid of tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth. If the deposits are not much, your dentist may use a manual scaler which will get rid of the tartar deposits by getting them scrapped off. On the other hand, if the deposit is large, your dentist can make use of an electronic ultrasonic scaler that uses gentle vibration as well as a stream of water to get rid of the bigger tartar deposits.




Polishing is another process in dental cleaning near me. It involves the use of a motorized cup connected to a safe abrasive compound for polishing. The major aim of tooth polishing is to prevent the build up of tartar since the surface of the teeth will be smooth. In addition, your teeth will look shiny and clean while unattractive surface stains will be eliminated.




After scaling as well as polishing of your teeth, a fluoride treatment may be recommended by your dentist. Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel that plays a major role in preventing acid attacks which is partly responsible for tooth decay. During dental cleaning near me, your dentist will administer the fluoride gel, varnish or rinse. To make the process more pleasant, there are different flavors to choose from like chocolate, strawberry, cherry and mint.


Painless Procedure


It is important to note that dental cleaning near me is a painless procedure that does not take time. It helps in reinforcing healthy dental care and give your dental practitioner the opportunity to check for oral cavity that may require an urgent attention. Since it is not a painful process, it requires no anesthesia and a session does not last for more than one hour. Your dentist will also give you educational advice on best ways to handle your oral health.


Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Keeping your teeth clean is a lifetime duty even if your teeth look nice. You need to take the right daily steps so that you will not fall by the way side. Here are few tips to help you.


#1. Dont go to bed without brushing your teeth


It is widely known fact that it is good to brush your teeth two times daily – in the morning and at night. However, a lot of us neglect night brushing which is very important to our dental health. Night brushing helps in eliminating plaque and germs that have piled up during the day.


#2. Brush properly


The manner of brushing is also very essential. If you don’t brush properly, it is as if you don’t brush at all. You should gently move your brush in a circular motion, taking your time, so that plaque can be eliminated. If you leave plaque unremoved, it will harden and build up to calculus which can lead to gum diseases.


#3. Dont neglect your tongue


It is possible for plaque to develop on your tongue and this can cause mouth odor as well as other dental problems. You should ensure the gentle brushing of your tongue whenever you are brushing your teeth.


#4. Use a fluoride toothpaste


It is very important for your toothpaste to contain fluoride. This is because fluoride helps in preventing tooth decay through waging war against germs. You should place more priority on fluoride rather than flavor when choosing your toothpaste.


#5. Treat flossing as important as brushing


A lot of people brush everyday but ignore flossing. Flossing is very special as it helps in removing little pieces that get stuck in between the teeth. In addition, flossing helps in stimulating the gums, reduce inflammation and plaque. You should consider flossing once a day in order to enjoy its benefits.


#6. Dont let flossing difficulties stop you


Flossing may not be easy for some people like children and seniors with arthritis. This should not hinder you from going ahead with the process. You should rather look for tools that will help you in achieving your desired result like ready-to-use dental flossers which can be purchased from drug outlets.


#7. Consider mouthwash


Mouthwash is very essential for your dental health. It works in three ways. First, it decreases the acid content of the mouth. Secondly, it cleans areas of your mouth and gums that are very difficult to reach. Thirdly, it adds minerals to your teeth.


#8. Drink more water


Water remains the most excellent beverage that you can give to your body. It helps to prevent negative effects of acidic, sticky foods as well as beverages. As a matter of importance, you should drink water after each meal.


#9. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables


Taking fresh foods like fruits and vegetables will help your teeth to remain strong. These foods contain fiber as well as other nutrients for your body. You should limit your consumption of processed foods because they are not good for your body.


#10. Limit sugary and acidic foods


It is very important for you to limit your sugar intake because it easily changes into acid in your mouth. This acid can corrode your teeth’s enamel. It may not be possible to totally ignore them, but you have to be careful.


#11. See your dentist at least twice a year


Even though you are faithful to your daily routine, you still need to see your dentist for dental cleaning near me at appointed time. This will ensure that your oral health receives a boost.

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