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UPTOWN/GALLERIA: 713-322-8442
MIDTOWN: 281-783-3227


It’s extremely important to go over a dental clinic’s testimonials and track record to get real and authentic reviews from prior patients. At URBN Dental, we’ve had the pleasure to successfully treat hundreds of patients and we have some brilliant testimonials to show for them! You can go through the two testimonial videos made by our patients Kimberly and Chuckie Brown. You can also check out the transcripts of the videos down below, along with a number of other testimonials from URBN Dental patients.

Testimonial from Kimberly — Houston’s Top of the Line Dental Care with Quality Materials

Hi there! My name is Kimberly and I am originally from Austin, Texas and of course I’m a UT Longhorn. I came across URBN Dental when I was in need of a replacement dental crown. And being a Dentist myself and in school for crown and bridge, I was looking for a dentist who performed quality work with the best materials. I read online that they send their crowns to the DaVinci Laboratory, which is a high-end dental lab, and I could not be happier with the tooth crown cost. Dr. Bridget did amazing work and I would recommend URBN Dental to anyone in need of a dental crown.

Testimonial from Chuckie Brown — Invisalign Dentist in Houston, TX

My name is Chuckie Brown. I’m a former NFL player. I played six years in FL for the Baltimore Ravens New York Giants Cincinnati Bengals, born and raised here at Houston Texas. I was looking for a misaligned dental office around, you know, galleria area and I came across URBN Dental. I didn’t want metal braces in my mouth, I wanted something that was easy to clean, you know, easy to take out. I came in for my visit consultation with Dr. Bridget. It was a great experience, Dr. Bridget sat down with me and went over my smile, how the treatment will go, it wasn’t painful at all. I’m very pleased with my experience I would recommend URBN Dental to my friends and family and anyone else who’s looking for Invisalign dentist.

Testimonial from Lemond Deleo

The staff here is extremely friendly and professional. From the very beginning, the staff greeted me with kindness and respect. My paperwork was filled out within 15 minutes and afterwards, the dentist called me back almost immediately. So the wait time for my first appointment was basically non-existent. I’m not sure if it’s normally like this or if it’s just a coincidence. Regardless, it was very nice to see the staff and dentists in perfect sync with servicing the customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. My first appointment here was primarily because I had a painful sensation on the bottom right of my tooth. It turned out to be a cavity as I expected. The dentist explained the procedure for a filling and I agreed to go through with it on my next appointment. Thank you for an honest experience that resulted in me learning what the problem with my tooth was.


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