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Do Dental Implants Hurt?  – Find Out Ways to Prevent or Control the Pain

One way to restore your lost smile is to get a replacement tooth.  The best tooth is placed through a dental implant surgical process.  It is done in the doctor’s office, so it’s something you have to prepare for. As with any other smile restoration procedure, most people’s concern is pain in dental implant. So is there any pain at all? Pain can be felt after the numbness wears off. But any dentist in Houston tx knows how to alleviate this pain. They will give you pain reliever tablets that you should take according to their instructions. Besides this, here is the correct way to manage or prevent dental implants hurt.

Soon after dental surgery

Tooth implants in one day service can be offered, but the critical thing is learning how to care for affected areas when you go home. So here is a summary of what you should do.

  • Bite down your gauze – Your houston implant dentist will give you packs of gauze to bite down gently to stop the bleeding. Keep pressing them down gently with your teeth to ensure they don’t move. Unless you are experiencing uncontrollable bleeding, retain your first gauze for the first hour. If bleeding persists, add new gauze to surgery areas to exert more pressure over the sites for another thirty minutes. As the bleeding subsides, you can comfortably change your gauze every thirty to 45 minutes.
  • Be wary of dry sockets – Just as when a tooth is extracted, you are not supposed to disturb your dental implant area in the first 24 hours. Avoid a lot of movement or touching the site with fingers or objects. Your dentist in houston tx may allow you to brush your teeth, but warn against touching the area. If you are a smoker, do all you can to quit in the first day especially. Cigarette smoke could delay healing, heighten your chances of getting dry sockets and increase discomfort.
  • Increase oral hygiene – Great dentists houston tx will emphasize on keeping your mouth clean and fresh after your implants surgery. In particular, they will ask you to brush your teeth gently in the first day and keep using slightly warm saltwater after eating.  One tablespoon of salt should be mixed with eight ounces of warm water. Switch the solution gently not to disturb the clot and do not swallow.
  • Take a rest – After your dental implant surgery, take a bed rest for the remaining part of the day. It is not advisable to bend, lift, jump or do another strenuous activity as it would tamper with the healing process. Besides increasing bleeding, these activities can exacerbate bleeding and pain and trigger swelling. Your doctor at Galleria dental care will discourage any form of exercise until you have fully recovered. And that might take three to four days. So be patient.

During the first 24 to 48 hours, oozing is expected. Don’t worry about it though, as it entails more saliva than blood. The recommend way to control normal bleeding is to firmly bite down gauze. But what if the bleeding persists? Try to reposition your gauze packs, sit upright or in a reclining chair, keep calm and use ice packs for one whole hour. You might as well bit on a moistened tea bag for half an hour. If there is bleeding and swelling persists, visit your best houston dentists once again.


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