Dentist 77002 | Grand Opening Coming Soon for URBN Dental Midtown

Grand Opening Coming Soon for URBN Dental Midtown

3510 Main Street, Suite E Houston, Texas 77002 To Book Appointments: 832-968-8726

Our team is happy to soon open our next state-of-the-art location in Midtown, Houston! Dr. Benjamin Golik is opening URBN Dental Midtown and is eager to serve the surrounding areas of Downtown, Midtown, Montrose, Museum District, and the Texas Medical Center. The Houston Press has named this block on Main Street in Midtown as “The Best block in Houston” for three years in a row. The Houston Chronicle states that the Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (across the street) “will be the soul of the neighborhood,” and that area will be “a beacon of livability.” Our team at URBN Dental Midtown cannot wait to start and help grow with this flourishing community!Access to URBN Dental Midtown will be super easy due to the fact that the placement of this dental office is in the Midtown Cultural Arts and Entertainment District right on Main Street and Holman. The office is situated on the first floor of the newly completed Mid-Main complex. This innovative mixed-use transit oriented development is within the city limits of Houston and is walking distance from countless businesses and destinations. URBN Dental Midtown boasts direct access from the Ensemble Stop off the MetroRail, a seven hundred and fifty space parking garage inside the complex directly behind the office, Houston B-cycle dock across the street, and classic easy walkability to the front of office right off Main Street. The area is vibrant and easily seen across the street from the Ensemble Theater, The Match (Midtown Arts and Theater Complex), Trinity Episcopal Church, The Continental Club, and a block away from the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. This dental office is also easy for all apartment dwellers in the immediate area and here for any of your dental questions or needs, especially at the Mid-Main Lofts above the office and 3800 Main Apartments a block away. Being surrounded by Houston Community College, St. Thomas University, Rice University, Texas Southern University, and University of Houston we know school can be demanding and having easy access to the dentist is important – let us know if we can help in any way!The developers of the area are drawing millennials and entrepreneurs to the area setting a tone similar to Off-Broadway in New York City as David Kaplan in the Houston Chronicle states on his twitter account this construction of Mid-Main in the Midtown Cultural Arts and Entertainment District is “the one we’ve all been waiting for.”Considering this immediate area is richly diverse in culture, theater, music and the arts Dr. Benjamin Golik is planning to engage the community and play a big role in the growth of this artistic community and encourage local artists in Houston. With a background in the arts, he plans to be a part of the heavily populated First Thursday Art Festival (1 block away), and open local art night events in the art gallery office and its mezzanine floor that will be free and entertaining!URBN Dental Midtown will be the newest dental office to open. It will create more access to care alongside our first location URBN Dental Uptown with the same high values and principles. Both dental offices were born from the same idea of a private practice and solo Dentist ownership mindset. After both Dr. David Nguyen and Dr. Benjamin Golik were selected and trained in an Advanced Education Program in New York City they came together to grow a concept of dental office closer to the feel of a neighborhood dentist with a twist. They are inspired and influenced by nature in an urban environment. They artfully designed these offices with warm natural material like reused brick and reclaimed word, creating feelings of calmness and comfort. They infuse their dentistry with art and soul. They utilize only organically modified BPA-free, Bis-GMA free ceramic filling materials. They wanted to establish private dental practices that care about your wellness and experience. The interior design is reminiscent of a coffee house and art studio-comforting, laid back, inviting, and fun. They support local artists and creative small businesses. They invite interactions with artists and community with a duality of an open dental office and bohemian art gallery. Their spaces are designed to inspire and energize with changing art installations contributing to the creativity of the community. Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Golik cultivate a passion for the arts in our design, method, and your health. Whether it be family dentistry, affordable dentistry, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, teeth whitening focus, or dental cleanings URBN Dental is here for you.

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